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Broncos CB Bradley Roby Ticked About Comments He Quit in Monday’s Loss to Oakland

No pro athlete likes to ever be called a ‘quitter’ and Broncos cornerback Bradley Roby took exception to some comments by ESPN analyst Jason Witten during the broadcast of Monday night’s 27-14 loss at the Raiders.

Witten’s words were harsh, stating that Roby should have been pulled from the game in the final minutes because “you never quit in the NFL.” ESPN’s Booger McFarland had added, “That’s embarrassing.”

“That last run there … keep an eye on Roby,” Witten said. “It’s a running play, watch this effort; the ball hits inside, he just stops, the play is still going, it cannot happen. Vance Joseph, I would pull him out because you never quit in the NFL.”

“That’s embarrassing,” McFarland added. “He’s a young guy who’s had issues.”

Coach Vance Joseph stood up for Roby, stating that Roby and the team has never quit, and that he’s never questioned the players on the team.

“I didn’t see that,” Joseph said. “Our team has maxed out every game we’ve played; we haven’t won enough games, obviously, but how we play, how hard we play, it’s no issue.

“I love our ex-players; I love they’re involved with the game. But they all forget, we could find plenty of tape with all the ex-players doing media they’ve had issues … I have not questioned our guys [about their effort].”

Roby fired back about the comments, not happy about what he labeled as “the most disrespectful thing” you can say about a player.

“I was like, wow, I can’t believe he went out of his way to do all that,” Roby said. “It’s unfortunate. I felt like he was reaching to say that because it was the end of the game. For him to characterize me as a quitter, quitting on my team, I feel like that’s the most disrespectful thing you can say in a team sport.

“For him to say that on one play — it was really a mistake, I thought the play was over, I was wrong. But for him to say that, it just made me mad. There are kids I go see at the children’s hospital who have cancer, who are paralyzed, and I tell them don’t quit … The game was over … I just felt like it was kind of unnecessary. On the play, it did look like I stopped, so I understand where he’s coming from, but it was unnecessary.”

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