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The journey of my Broncos mug

Hello. Once prized, this is my mug.

I don’t care if you’ve heard enough about him, but the peak of this mug’s life was January 9th, 2012, the week after the last Broncos playoff win, which came against the Steelers via a Tim Tebow touchdown pass to Demariyus Thomas nine seconds into overtime to clinch the win. For all you haters who say he’s crap, that was apart of a 300+ yard total passing yard game, against the number one passing defense… just sayin

One week after, I wasn’t sporting this mug too often. But I didn’t hate it… we already surpassed expectations and won a playoff game. And we were 1-4 at one time that same season, don’t forget

After football concluded, the offseason came and the mug and I were still friends. Until Denver brought in Peyton Manning on March 20th. I must confess, since I was a Tebow guy, I hated the signing… particularly since I hated Manning. I knew he was good, but I hated him (and I have reasons… other than he beat my team fairly regularly)

Then the season started. We started 1-2 and though we showed flashes, the mug and I were still just barely okay with one another.

October 15, 2012- We fall behind the Chargers 24-0 at halftime. I’m not thinking about my mug right now. But since I am a devoted fan, I didn’t turn the game off. And I was happily rewarded by a bombardment of the Chargers in an explosion of our offense (and defense too) with 35 straight points! I used my mug happily the next morning

And following that, we started DESTROYING teams. The scores were not evident of the games as teams scored in garbagetime when we weren’t playing everybody and had no incentive being up so many. My cup and I were good friends along this ride (11 game win-streak). I wasn’t Peyton’s biggest fan, but I could enjoy his mastery

January 12, 2013- Somehow, in some way, we lost to Baltimore. I ripped off my Champ Bailey jersey in frustration of the defensive lapses in coverage (and Manning throws a terrible pick to lose the game… but I was never a fan, remember??)

January 13- I’m not using this mug. It makes me sick. I’ll use my green mug now……

March 13- Denver signs Wes Welker. Not bad! Looks good on New England and Belichick for being so arrogant. You played chicken and lost. Two months later exactly and I bring the mug out of the cupboard… finally! PS- I brought it out after dinner with my brother’s girlfriend who is a Patriots fan 🙂  Thanks Stef!!

March 24- Baltimore signs Elvis Dumervil. I’m pissed! I would rather have him back than Welker, as I prefer my homegrown (drafted) players… not buying the team like the past New York Yankees. The bullshit with the agent is just that. Get your shit together, guys!! Were you too busy admiring the signing of Welker? Looks like you kinda played chicken and lost too, though it doesn’t look as good on our team as it does on New England… especially when they got a younger heir apparent in Danny Amendola. I guess we did get Rodgers-Cromartie, but he’s not homegrown like Elvis was. I’m a little worried about our D through the middle…… because last year we still got pretty exposed as a defense, even with Dumervil

The mug has been put on hiatus again, but it’s not as serious as last time.

April 18- The schedule has been posted ( and I got a little excited for football, so the mug is out and back in use. But some crazy, crazy matchups… the season of “the return”!! It all begins September 5th with Baltimore returning back to the place they intercepted our Super Bowl in January. Also included in our schedule is New England in the return of Welker, the return of Mike Shanahan to Denver, the return of Manning to Indianapolis against Andrew Luck, as well as Peyton versus Eli. Holy compelling!!

For a more detailed look at our schedule, click here:

The mug is out showing our promise for the new season! Every team has new hope, whose will inevitably be crushed in the coming months. But our teams’ hope shines bright! Again, we have a real shot…..

Seatbelts everybody, it looks to be another crazy season for us Bronco fans

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