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Comparing Tebow and Manning’s seasons with Denver











Wk Tebow 2011-12 Team record Manning 2012-13 Team record
1 vs. Oakland (L 20-23)- Did not play (backing up Kyle Orton) 0-1 vs. Pittsburgh (W 31-19)- Vintage performance by Manning—no ill-affects; team looks like legit contenders.

19/26, 253, 2TD; 3TD, FG on their last 4 possessions

2 vs. Cincinnati (W 24-22)- DNP 1-1 @ Atlanta (L 21-27)- trailed 20-0; after outscored ATL 21-7, but not enough.Last week a revelation? Passes telegraphed. Looks like it could be a rough year.

24/37, 241, 1 TD, 3 INT (all in first quarter)

3 @ Tennessee (L 14-17)- DNP. Frustrating! 2 interceptions by Orton. One in crunchtime 1-2 @ Houston (L 25-31)- Again, too little too late as Manning tried to engineer the comeback.

26/52, 332, 2 TD- good numbers, but L

4 @ Green Bay (L 23-49)- DNP 1-3 vs. Oakland (W 37-6)- Here’s how not to have to comeback from 20-point leads: not trail by 20. Manning looked like a machine.

30/38, 338, 3TD

5 vs. San Diego (L 24-29)- Orton gets pulled after a INT and poor drives showing no life.Down 26-10 in the 4thquarter, Tebow gets his debut! Leads the team all the way back; throw to the endzone for the win… incomplete. Gutsy comeback though.Changing of the guard looks imminent.

4/10, 79, TD; 6rush, 38, TD

1-4 @ New England (L 21-31)- Back to the same ol’ story. Trying to comeback from 24 points down at the tail end of the third quarter is impossible to do (although last year’s QB may beg to differ….).Couple of late turnovers really disintegrated the chances of a comeback. The comeback fell just short, again. But if we didn’t start so slow, wouldn’t have mattered.31/44, 337, 3TD 2-3
6 BYE 1-4 @ San Diego (W 35-24)- Sensational! Amazing comeback from 24-0 at the end of the first half… unlike any other. So you can comeback to win, if you leave enough time.Played like shit in the first half in every way; amazing in second half, in every way (35 points?!!). Manning looks really good… in second half.24/30, 309, 3TD, 1 INT 3-3
7 @ Miami (W 18-15)- First start! Looked very rusty after their bye-week not scoring in the first three quarters (Tebow just 3/5, 24).Down 15-0 with less than 3 minutes to go, and 2 touchdowns by Tebow, and a 2 pt conversion, and miraculously, they pull it off! TEBOW-TIME OFFICIALLY BEGINS!

Tebow made some difficult throws in the 4th, looking very capable; “legendary” comeback.

13/27, 161, 2 TD; 9rush, 59

2-4;Tebow 1-0 BYE
Link to other blog on comparison between QBs
8 vs. Detroit (L 10-45)- Snap back to reality; passing yards increase only because of more attempts (bad throws today).18/39, 172, TD, INT 2-5;Tebow 1-1 vs. New Orleans (W 34-14)- Game was never in question. The team look amazing; Peyton’s arm looks just great .

22/30, 305, 3TD- 5th straight 300-yard gm

9 @ Oakland (W 38-24)- Recorded 38 points… wow!! Most passes looked in sync.Didn’t throw a pass in 4th— didn’t need to.

10/21, 124, 2TD; 13rush, 128

3-5;Tebow 2-1 @ Cincinnati (W 31-23)- had to comeback again after not great start; looked average. But great second half.Couple of bad interceptions though; seemed out of sync with wideout Decker.27/35, 291, 3TD, 2 INT 5-3
10 @ Kansas City (W 17-10)- Such an underwhelming (disgusting) statline  but all he does is win. Somehow he squeaks one out. KC knew Tebow was going to run, but just then, he passed for a score.2/8, 69, TD;  9rush, 44, TD 4-5;Tebow 3-1 @ Carolina (W 36-14)- concerning start, but ended really well. 4-game win-streak… we’re rolling.27/38, 301, TD (420th career TD; ties Marino for 2nd all-time) 6-3
11 vs. New York Jets (W 17-13)- Tebow‘s 20-yard TD run with 58 seconds left capped a 95-yard drive, which led to stunning comeback.Defense is killer today.

9/20, 104; 8rush, 68, TD

5-5 (t-1stin AFC W);Tebow 4-1 vs. San Diego (W 30-23)- Manning looks very good. The score wasn’t indicative of the separation in this game. Denver looks great, both sides of the ball.Manning looks real good. 25/42, 270, 3 TD, 1 INT

*Franchise record 5th straight game over 30 points scored

12 @ San Diego (W 16-13 OT)- Offensive line stellar in protecting Tebow again.In OT, SD field goal for the win blocked; then missed! Incredible. Followed by determined drive to win.

9/18, 143, TD; 22rush, 67

6-5 (1stin AFCW);Tebow 5-1 @ Kansas City (W 17-9)-Rather unimpressive game… another terribly slow start. Manning’s throw to Thomas was picture perfect later on.Denver had to comeback in the second half again, but a win’s a win… and Denver proves they can win ugly

22/37, 285, 2TD, INT

13 @ Minnesota (W 35-32)- So, we can score points!! This is where fans start to think maybe we REALLY can win.He can throw (avg 20 yards per pass!?). Comeback in 4th.

10/15 202, 2 TD

7-5 (1stin AFC W);Tebow 6-1 vs. Tampa Bay (W 31-23)- Masterful performance by Manning as he dissected the TB defense.This score is deceiving to how the game really was– wasn’t that close

27/38, 242, 3TD, 1 INT

 9-3 (clinched AFCW)
14 vs. Chicago (W 13-10 OT)- Incredible comeback; the stars aligned, again. This is unreal. 10 completions in a row; poised in pocket with defensive pressure.10 points in 4thquarter to tie at 10.

Kicker Matt Prater is so good and clutch: field goals to tie/win.

21/40, 236, 1 TD; 12rush, 49

Video- watch?v=qNC8xRo9vXY

8-5 (1stin AFC W);Tebow 7-1 @ Oakland (W 26-13)- Easy. That’s a word never used last year. Game was never in question. Set tone quick with long TD drive.Perfect drop-in basket of Decker


26/26, 310, 1TD, 1INT- 30 TD pass in season (club record); 5000 career completions (only Manning and Brett Favre have reached that mark)


 10-3(2nd best record in AFC)8-game winning stre
15 @ New England (L 13-41)-  Started out really good for a change, but rough 2ndquarter.Shows we can’t win with mistakes. Win streak ends at 6.

11/22, 194; 12rush, 93, 2 TD

8-6 (1stin AFCW);Tebow 7-2 @ Baltimore (W 26-13)- Finally, we play a decent team! We haven’t played a good team in awhile. Last good team was Tampa, and they don’t look good anymore. But Baltimore has lost 2 in a row, so they’re on a down.Again, the score made the game seem closer than it was (score was 31-3 at one point)

17/28, 204, TD- not spectacular, but good

 11-3(9 straight wins)
16 @ Buffalo (L 14-40)- missed opportunity to clinch division. Again, amazing start; terrible 2ndquarter; can’t win with mistakes.So glad I didn’t attend this game!

13/29, 185, 1TD, 3 INT; 10rush, 34, TD; Denver holds tiebreaker in division (record versus AFC W)

8-7 (t-1stin AFCW);Tebow 7-3 vs. Cleveland (W 34-12)- third-down proficiency!! Now we look like a machine… just doing what we will need30/43, 339, 3 TD, 1INT- now that’s a statline!  12-3(10 in a row)(tie-1st in AFC- win out for a first round bye)
17 vs. Kansas City (L 3-7)- Former Broncos QB Orton now on Chiefs takes on old team… possibly ruining their playoff berth.Pathetic performance, especially with the playoffs on the line. A win and we would’ve gotten in.

6/22, 60 (ex-QB, Orton- 15/29, 180).

*Thankfully our division is shit and we win the tiebreaker to get into the playoffs!! But we couldn’t do it easy and just win ourselves. Talk about “limping in” though… highly concerning

8-8 (t-1st* AFCW (win tie-break);Tebow 7-4 vs. Kansas City
1 vs. Pittsburgh (W 29-23 OT)- Amazing game! Efficient, mistake-free for the enture game. Took what the defense was giving him.Highlight (of season… for whole NFL?) is first play of overtime where Tebow (who played a flawless game) faked the handoff to Willis McGahee, and threw it long across the middle to Demariyus Thomas for the 80 yard completion for the touchdown. 11 seconds into OT for the win!

10/21, 316 (most against PIT all year; avg 15yards/completion), 2 TD; 10rush, 50, 1TD

9-8*Win playoff game!

Tebow 8-5

2 @ New England (L 10-45)- BURIED… no more magic left.Former Broncos coach Josh McDaniels drafted Tebow and company to make the most improbable run in NFL history. With the chance to thank their him in person, they laid an egg (14 negative plays in playoffs is a NFL record—and not a good one).

9/26, 136; 10rush, 50, TD

9-9Humbling end to season




May be able to fold paper over to more accurately compare the 2 so you can lineup when Tebow played to Manning’s season thus far


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