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Well, Well, Well- Manning Does It

Well, it finally happened.

The very day after I was considering writing an article about how the Denver Broncos were digging themselves into too deep of a hole to comeback from every week, even with monstrous fourth quarters that had outscored their opponents by a total of a whopping 51 points through just six games, it happened (that ranks second in NFL history by a team through six games).

They actually came back… to win!

However, it was of the same variety of game described above. They were down again… 20 points, at halftime! And they hadn’t scored a point until the third quarter. That is deep, but this game, they had time to do it— they didn’t wait until the fourth quarter when the game is theoretically over to begin the ascent. They started in the third quarter… which isn’t a great time to start a game, but it was sufficient for the team with the most comeback victories in the league this past calendar year (by a gap the size of the Atlantic Ocean).

It was the greatest comeback of the year. This is nothing new for Denver though. Last season, led by Tim Tebow, they came back to win six games in the fourth quarter. When they were down in what should be the land of no return, they found a way.

But this year, without the help of Tebow— or as some would say, the help of God— they weren’t getting enough time on the clock to eke out the victory. “Eke” may very well describe last season, where they somehow would mount a comeback. This year, it is much more conventional, due to a state of the art, mechanic-savvy quarterback, by the name of Peyton Manning.

Their comebacks have been big; they have been fast… just not big or fast enough. Case and point is Week 2, at Atlanta. The Broncos found themselves down 27-7 at the end of the third quarter. They ended up with 21 points, just shy of the opportunity for the comeback drive. And against Houston, in the final quarter they outscored the Texans 14-0. In both games, two more minutes is all they needed and surely, they would’ve won.

However, this week, on Monday night, no one would call it eking out a win. Denver pulverized San Diego in the second half 35-0. That’s right, thirty-five. My friend, a lifelong Broncos fan, had turned the game off at halftime in disgust.

Sucks for him, eh?

As amazing as that comeback was, one has to wonder, can Manning do it six times and lead Denver back to the postseason?

He’s shown he can do it anyway. For that ability, Denver fans, are feeling the promise for the rest of the season. The thing that’s different about Manning, is that he probably won’t need to. The rollercoaster of Tim Tebow, that we came to love, probably won’t be necessary for an elite quarterback.

One thing’s for sure though, with the ability to put up 35 points in the second half and give up none, it probably doesn’t even matter.
It’s not how you start anyway; it’s how you finish.



  1. Larry Brown

    October 27, 2012 at 6:07 pm

    NFL defences adjust, defensive coordinators find a way. If Tebow had been a Bronco this year, if he had been THE GUY, fans would have been scratching their orange heads, twisting their Floyd Little throwback jerseys, and moaning, “What happened?”

    Last year was a fairytale season. It wouldn’t have happened again. Even Mr. Ferguson may admit that…one day.

    Always enjoy the blogs.

  2. Jesse Ferguson

    November 4, 2012 at 12:12 pm

    Good point Larry. You’re likely right… I may admit to that 🙂
    Another blog eludes to this issue, but goes further than I do in backing Manning:

  3. RT

    November 14, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    Well Jesse as you know I am a Colts fan and it is still hard not seeing Manning playing for them still. Also being at that game in San Diego it was amazing to watch that comeback in the second half and really made me realize I am always going to be a fan of Manning, although my Andrew Luck jersey is now on order. Also glad to see you are beginning to like him after that Facebook group you had on the go. As for Tebow, he is really lighting it up and New York is enjoying Tebowmania. Anyway another great article and go Colts!!!!

  4. Bill vanBlyderveen

    November 21, 2012 at 7:41 am

    It’s great to see such a comeback year, from a future hall of famer. Not many people get a chance to rejuventate ones career in their mid 30’s. At this point most football players are off enjoying their millions they have earned.

    • Mark

      November 21, 2012 at 8:06 pm

      Well Jesse, enjoy the ride while you can, cuz the Broncos(especially Manning) have a bulls-eye on their backs. Defenses have been burned by Peyton, and I think everyone is ready to ‘kick some Broncos ass.’
      The fairy-tale endings are over. Defensive co-ordinators are not going to sit back and watch Manning disect their secondary. They are coming prepared with blitz packages to counteract Manning’s audibles.
      Sacks and interceptions. Get ready Peyton.
      Oh, I just realized Denver is playing KC this week. Nevermind.
      But the following Sunday…sacks and interceptions. Get ready Peyton…

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