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The Difference Between Denver Broncos 2012 and 2013– Exactly Why Manning Differs from Tebow

November 11th, 2012, it occurred to me. The difference in between Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow’s years as starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos. I was all over the Tebow-train—save the haters—but who wasn’t? However, last year was a fairy tale. The chances of it happening again are virtually impossible. How the Broncos came back […]

Comparing Tebow and Manning’s seasons with Denver

                  FILL IN COLOURS WITH WINS/LOSSES Wk Tebow 2011-12 Team record Manning 2012-13 Team record 1 vs. Oakland (L 20-23)- Did not play (backing up Kyle Orton) 0-1 vs. Pittsburgh (W 31-19)- Vintage performance by Manning—no ill-affects; team looks like legit contenders. 19/26, 253, 2TD; 3TD, FG […]

Well, Well, Well- Manning Does It

Well, it finally happened. The very day after I was considering writing an article about how the Denver Broncos were digging themselves into too deep of a hole to comeback from every week, even with monstrous fourth quarters that had outscored their opponents by a total of a whopping 51 points through just six games, […]

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