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Week 8 Prediction Article – Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs

Monday is finally here and that means it is time for Broncos football.  This has been a very long 8 days as I  am trying to get the bad taste of being on the wrong side of a shutout out of my mouth.  I always say it is good to get these types of games out of your system early as you would rather play a bad string of games in October as opposed to playing poorly come playoff time.  The Broncos have showed us 2 completely different teams this year.  In Week 2 against the Dallas Cowboys, the Broncos looked virtually unstoppable during their 42-17 beatdown over the Cowboys.  In Week 7, they get shutout by a team that I believe they should have beaten handily.

The Broncos are on a crazy rollercoaster and they have been taking their fans along for the ride through all of the twists and turns.  With the bye week in the rear view mirror, the sense of urgency must be at an all-time high, especially playing against the division leading Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.  Simply put, the Broncos cannot afford to fall another game behind Kansas City if they have any plans or aspirations of making it into the postseason.

I have heard time and time again over the last several weeks that the problem is QB Trevor Siemian.  While I agree that he is not playing very good football, the issues are much more compound than just the quarterback.  In fact, there are issues on both sides of the ball.  No Fly Zone?  Seems more like frequent flier reward miles.  Yes, I know, the Broncos have the league’s #1 rated defense based on yards per game.  Yes, I know, the Broncos have the league’s #1 rated rushing defense based on yards per game.  The Broncos also have the league’s #6 rated pass defense based on yards per game.  These things are all great, especially when compared to the offense, who is ranked in those same categories 15th, 14th and 17th, respectively.  The problem isn’t necessarily the yardage.  Sure, we are good at stopping teams from racking up yards, but we can’t seem to keep them from scoring.  Our defense allows 19.7 points per game, and our offense is scoring 18 points per game.

We have to play better on both sides of the ball.  We are giving the ball away too many times on offense, and we are not taking it away enough times on defense.  Denver ranks 30th in the NFL in the turnover battle, currently sitting at -8.  Only Cincinatti and Cleveland have a worse give/take ratio.  That, folks, is not good.

I am not going to get into the numbers or statistics.  I do that enough, and quite frankly, at the end of the day, none of that matters.  The only statistic that I care about is wins.  It doesn’t have to be pretty and it sure isn’t going to be perfect, but we have to be smarter.  Smarter as coaches and players.  While we are only at the halfway point of the season, this game will have a huge impact on the rest of the season and how the AFC West shapes up.  As far as I am concerned, the first game of the playoffs is tonight.  This is a must win game in a very hostile environment.

5 Keys to Victory

  1. Focus – Play 60 minutes of hard, smash mouth football.  Stay focused and when it’s your time to make a play, make the play.
  2. Discipline – Knock it off with stupid penalties, especially on 3rd down.
  3. Force Turnovers – Simple.  Take the ball away and don’t give it back.  The only way you give them the ball back is on a kickoff.  Force turnovers, shorten the field and score.
  4. Run the Ball – I don’t care if it is Anderson or Charles, or both.  Run, run, run.  If we don’t establish the run, the defense will cheat and play the pass more.  We need a running game.
  5. Stop the Run – Kareem Hunt is not easy to stop, so it is easier for me to say than it is for the Broncos to do, but we have to contain that man.

Final Score Prediction

The Broncos get back to their winning ways, going on the road and beating the Chiefs.  The Denver defense comes back to form and Trevor avoids turning the ball over.

Denver Broncos – 27

Kansas City Chiefs – 10


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