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What a preseason it has been!

Due to my devices screwing around, I couldnt post until now. As you know, our subs and guys who are looking to start their NFL dreams looked pretty good and dominant last night. Speaks to the acumen of Elway and crew evaluating talent. And noone is lost for the season by injury. The closest is Jake Butt, but we will see him at least by midseason. And the one time cut will be done by 2:00pm tomorrow. But for good or ill, we will have a 53 man team by then and a practice squad shortly afterward. But getting back to that cut. There are 32 teams with about 90 man squads today. Tomorrow there will be chaos as nearly 1200 free agents hit the streets at the same time. But I know the Broncos and their scouts have been evaluating those guys until only a few remain. They have three options at that point, put them on the roster at the expense of someone on the roster. A second option is put them on the practice squad, again at the expense of someone else. A third option is sign them to a futures contract. But by the end of the extended weekend most of this will be done. The biggest questions left are how many running backs they will keep. I predict 6, one more than they traditionally keep and which six recievers will they keep? Thomas and Emmanuel are a lock. And Taylor seemed to get Stronger and Stronger as preseason played out. But are any of the others a lock? It’ll be interesting to see who the other three are.
A lot hinges on the quality of play of Sieman. This is his third season, second as a starter. He doesnt have to set the world on fire, but midrange in passing. And few mistakes and turnovers. We will be a top 10 running team, which will help keep the chains moving. And they need to keep penalties to a minimum. Good Red Zone performance, with one of the best young legs in football, three should be a given unless sacks or penalties move us back too far. But they need TDs when in the Red Zone. And we have a lot of great talent to employ in the zone. So if they can get TDs half to two thirds in that R.Z., It’ll be a team which is efficient on offense, and a super defense which can and willscore itself. And Brandon McManus is a scoring tool himself, one of the strongest young legs in the NFL. I predict he will win a game or two at the end of games and set a new NFL record for longest score in the process. If they can average 22-25 points a game they will be in most games. Sometimes it comes down to who wants it more and will strive to accomplish that. If they play nasty on both sides of the ball this will be a playoff team.
Regardless it is just 10 more days until they play the last game in opening week. If they defend home field well, say only losing one or two at home and go say 5-3 on the road, I think 11-5 is a doable record and a playoff team, so Go, Go Broncos, Elway and Crew put a great smash mouth team together, and work really smart and hard and treat Broncos Country to a wonderful exciting 2017 season!!!

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