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Conbine Week

The Broncos coaches and scouts are in Indy for the 2017 Player Combine.It is Day 1 so the the players are showing off their performances.
As you probably know, Offensive Line is priority 1, so they will be evaluating Offensive Tackles that can play right away. But Elway said Free Agency is very important, and there will be several very talented OL players in Free Agency too. And the Broncos have over 42M in cap room, plus any money added by releasing players to work with. And C with Matt Paradis returning after his successful hip surgeries is the only solid Position. So a couple signings in Free Agency and Max Garcia possible in one of the Guards, a good draft player that can play immediately could be the right ticket to making the OL much better than last years. And they will be using both types of blocking, zone and convenctial straight away blocking and some plays with both, typically using one half of the blocking and the other on the other half in running plays in most missideracting plays to open a hole in the straight blocking while the linemen on the otherside get down field to make key blocks on LB and DB to aid the back down field. And as you know Jamal Charles was released along with Vikings Adrian Patterson so I wouldnt be surprised if the Broncos make a run at one of them. They are both 31 year old, but several RBs have had great years at that plus 30 age, including Willis McGehee when McCoy had been the OC on his first tour with the Broncos. And other Free Agent possibles are a slot reciver to complement our very talented WRs.
And also on Free Agency they will be looking for a talented runstopper DL to complaint Derek Wolfe. And possibly a LB to possibly compete with Todd Davis to play alongside Brandon Marshall. So we only have to wait 8 days until next Thursday, March 9 for Free Agency to open, I hope they resign OLB Ware, though they have Shane Ray who could start if necessary, and Kayvon Webster would be a good resign to rotate in Nickle Packages with Bradley Roby and he was a very talented Caption on Special Teams. So all of this frenzy starts after Elway, the Coaches and Scouts return from Indy on March 6th. So Elway and the Coaches only have a couple days to get ready for the Start of Free Agency.
And the Broncos have decided to at least talk with Tony Romo if he is released as a Free Agent by the Cowboys. And is open to playing with a reduction of the 13M salary he would make if he stayed with the Cowboys. Dallas would prefer to trade Romo, but haven’t had any takers unless some team steps in and would be OK with that salary. And if he is released,he has said repeatabley that his preference is playing with the Broncos. He never has played with a Defense as good and talented and the lure of a SuperBowl Ring could make him amenable to playing at a lower salary. But all of this is just ifs and maybes, so all we can do is wait and see. And the Broncos have said they were happy with Lynch and Siemen. But his Left Shoulder is worse than he has related. MRI’s have also show torn ligaments, so any sack on that shoulder could possibly put him out of action. Then the Broncos would be in a pickle with only one other QB on the Team. So Lynch and Siemen could get some seasonlys for another year and if Romo is procured and gets hurt, one of them could step in without a big drop in production. So Anyway, Elway and the rest of the Braintrusts, please make really good decisions and build a team that can get us back to the playoffs, get another Division Championship in a very competitive Division and another chance to bring a 4th Super Bowl back to Denver to the best fans, not only in Colorado and that region, but throughout America but worldwide too. I personally have several Bronco friends fans in Europe. I am writing this from the Illinois side of the Quad Cities area and watch the games we can’t watch at home with several other fans and have met several more in my travels in this area. So yes Broncodom is well and alive across the whole planet. We are United in Orange and Go,Go Broncos and lead us on a great year of Bronco Football!!!

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