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First week of Broncos off-season!

I have been so sick this fall, but am finlly feeling a little on the mend. I was fortunate to see all the games except the last one, their huge building block of a victory, as it stopped the bleeding of so many losses in the second half of the season,it was a division game in a brutal division season, and it will put a good taste in their mouth and a lilt in their step coming back this summer. They still are not that far off of competing for a playoff and Super Bowl win. And they will rebuild tbeir OLine tbrough Free Agency and the upcoming 2017 NFL Draft. Okung needs someone to push him real hard for that Critical LT and work really hard on his footwork. Max Garcia and Matt Paradis have a lot of upside yet and with good competition could make them really solid. The right side is entirely open to be filled, hopefully by free agents/ draftees. So that weakness this season could become a strength under Elways great football acumen. And CJ will be back next season and will be very hungry to play and excell. Now can you imagine CJ, Forsett and Booker running behind a good OLine?. It was great to see Booker scoring two great TDs last weekend.And even though Elway likes the upsides of Sieman and Lynch, I think they are 2-3 years away from being a consisetling NFL QB. So he may draft one or bring in a FA to put some veteran prescence in the QB room and practice fields and sideline. But if he thinks big about another SB win in the next 1-3 years, he may go after more of a topline FA QB, such as Tony Romo.
But the first thing on his ajenda is replacing Gary Kubiack as Head Coach. So far, Kyle Shanahan, the OC of Atlanta and the son of Mike, who led Denver to their first two Super Bowl wins, and Vance Josephson, the DC of Miami, who was a teammate of Matt Russel when they were teammates at U of Colorado, are coming in for interviews. But they will have to wait until after Miami and Atlanta reapectivlly are eliminated in the NFC and AFC playoffs. There will probably be more candidates in the next few days. I just hope Phillips returns as DC, whoever the head coach turns out to be. But I would think Elway wants to get this done within the next 2-4 weeks to get the coach settled in with a great staff, hopefully keeping most if not all of the assistant Coaches already on staff, and ready to participate in the 2017 Draft. Never too early to get your draft boards assembled and the assistants and scouts out contacting most of the ones Denver is interested in. This may change as time passes as some are drafted that never knew Denver was interested in them and some players who thought Denver was interested don’t get drafted by them. Draft Boards are a lot like Chess games and can change teams strageties as the draft proceeds. So once a new HC is hired, the draft is the next big event, then rookie camp and the the procession of activities and practices leading up to Official Camp in Early July, then the expo games, and then the 2017 season kicks off in early September. I guarantee it will be here before we know. So enjoy your kids and grandkids, families and friends to the max and Go Go Broncos and provide us with a much more winning and enjoyable Broncos Team in 2017. In Elway We Trust and may he Trust in Allmighty God to guide his decisions as we all must!!!

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