Well here we are, still waiting for the schedule. Since it did not appear today, it should be next Tuesday, the 22nd. Also next week the players return for offseason conditioning.   That will be the first time this season that everyone should be together as a team, so old friends and aquitaines are reconnected  and new ones are made and the team chemistry starts in the weight rooms, locker room, rehab facility and out on the field for running workouts. All three ACL’s, Clady, Miller and Harris are all ahead of schedule in their rehabs and all are expected to be ready to play this season. Add them to Talib, Ward, Ware and Sanders and they will be most welcome and improve the team in a very great way. They all are all-pro quality and also provide great leadership qualities.
   The draft has been on all our minds of course. They have needs at Cornerback,  Inside LB, Wide Reciever and possibly OL, but Offensive Line actually appears fairly deep after all. I think they will draft IL or Cornerback with the first pick, but if they don’t have the players they want there they could go Wide Reciver or Defensive End to add depth with Ayers and Phillips gone. Once they get these needs met they will have 2-3 picks for best player available. Should be very interesting to watch as this is John Elways third draft and they are again expected to contend for the AFC Championship and Super Bowl again.
    And the Broncos Community Tour has started their bus tour to visit various communities around Colorado. This is a very popular event and it very well recieved at each and every stop. Keep up all the good work, Broncos, cheerleaders and Miles! Should be another great year in Bronco Country and well wishes from Broncogab from Moline,Illinois to all the fans in America and abroad! GoGo Broncos!!!

Previewing The 2014 Denver Broncos Schedule Release

Peyton Manning Will SOon Meet With Doctors on his neck check up

Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos broke records and took names in 2013, as they went 13-3, won their second consecutive AFC West division title and even got to the Super Bowl. The Broncos will need a repeat effort for a chance to finish the job in 2014, but with Manning and a potent offense still in the fold, Broncos fans know that’s entirely possible.

If Denver is going to make it back to the Super Bowl, their run will have to start with dominance on their own field. Facing the likes of Buffalo, Miami, Indy, Arizona and San Francisco won’t make it easy, but Denver should still hold the upper hand in the majority of their home battles.

The Denver Broncos schedule on the road is a little more formidable, as they have an intense rematch with the Seahawks in Seattle, and also hit the road to take on the Patriots, Jets, Bengals and Rams.

All 2014 Opponents

Home: Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, Indianapolis Colts, Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers

Away: Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Cincinnati Bengals, St. Louis Rams, Seattle Seahawks

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Latest happenings.

  Broncos are likely to pick up Von Miller’s 5th year option. It would be a transition year option and needs to be done by early May before the NFL draft. With the increased salary cap it makes sense and would be a reasonable playing rate for Miller, who they feel will be able to make significant contributions and be a cornerstone of the Bronco defense. He also has to work hard to get back in the good graces of the team, organization and fans. His recovery from ACL surgery is well ahead of schedule and has lost the added weight from last season. He ended up trading bulk for quickness, so I hope he can get back to the Von Miller we all know he can be. And we are all pulling for him for sure!
    At the League Meetings, approved rules changes include raising the goal uprights 5 feet to get a better handle on high kicks on field goals. The clock on sacks will continue to run after the sack outside of the two minute warnings. They are also going to experiment with extra points from the 20 yard line in preseason games, which is equivilent to a 37 yard field goal. Also fumble recoveries will be reviewable. Known as the Novorro Bowman on his recovery in the 49ers late season game with Seattle in which he clearly had recovered a Seahawk fumble, but the ball was mistakely  ruled dead and led to resulteding in the Seahawks scoring a touchdown and winning the game.
  Then after free agency was quiet for a few days, they signed Chris Harris when he signed his tender. It is only for this year but I expect the Broncos to sign him to a multiyear contract during this season. They also signed Will Montgomery who has started as the Redskins Center the last three seasons. He can also play left guard. At worst, depth or starting at guard in the gap left by the departure of Zane Beadles. Good solid signing and could end up preventing the musical chairs possibility they were facing.
  Also, last, but not least the Broncos 2014 season schedule will be released in Mid-April on a Tuesday, so April 15th or April 22nd are the best possibilities.  After that in early May is the 2014 NFL draft. So now the last need is ILB, so look for a first round or second round pick of that position. So they will have 6 picks for best player available. Not a bad place to be for the Broncos. Our defense has already been upgraded significantly in free agency and we are also looking at the return of several defensive talented players on that side of the ball. So look for Bronco selections of offensive linemen, wide reciever and possibly running back. On defense, they will be generally picking for depth at LB, CB or Safety. Should be a very interesting draft. John Elway did super in free agency again and hopefully we’ll see a likeswise  result from the draft. Go Elway and the Broncos and do a bangup job at the draft!!!

Offensive line.

Will Montgomery left without a contract.  There are two other possibilitiesn I would like the Broncos to consider. The first is Kevin Boothe who has an eight year career and started the last 42 out of 48 games with the Giants. And Brian La De Puente who has been the starting center for Drew Brees and the Saints! Go Broncos and git er done!


The Broncos will talk with Will Montgomery,  who has started and played the last 48 games for the Redskins. Then they could move Manny Rodriquez over to Left Guard. Montgomery has played 6 games as a guard so the Broncos could evaluate him as a Guard too and keep Rodriquez at Center. I know he  had that bad snap to kick off the SuperBowl, but other than that did a yeomans job at that position last season. Without a great center in a Peyton Manning driven offense you don’t set records like our offense and Manning set last year! So if they sign him there is only one obvious hole at Mike Linebacker. Probably look to the draft. They will look at the kid from Bama but would probably have to trade up to grab him. So they will probably have to wait and select one of the three from Ohio St., Wisconsin or Michigan St. the Big Ten stalwarts. All are good two down run stoppers and questionable in pass coverage. So they would probably  select the most athletic and teachable one in their estimation. There are slim pickings from free agency at this position, but we will see if they can unearth a gem , so stay tuned and Go Broncos! They actually are a significantly  better team than last year already and that is very scary to the rest of the league and feels great for Bronco Country including fans from Coast to Coast and worldwide!

Wide Reciever.

Broncos just signed Emanuel Sanders; former Steeler to a contract, terms undisclosed. That is great news as he just had a carreer high catching 67 passes for 740, but Peyton Manning will make him a high performer as he brings out the best in recievers. 
  That leaves Mike LB as the only hole we have to fill as they have options on the offensive line. If they do not come to terms with a free agent Center or Guard they can move Orlando Franklin to fill the hole at Left Guard and move Chris Clark over to Right Tackle, so our line would be Ryan Clady at Left Tackle, Franklin at Left Guard, Manny Rodriquez at Center, Louis Vasquez at Right Guard and Clark at Right Tackle. That would be a great lineup on the offensive line and we would need to add depth probably in the draft. So in the draft two needs would be MLB and Offensive depth. And they can use the 5 remaining on best player available. So I predict that we would draft a middle linebacker, 2 o-linemen, a wide reciever, a cornerback, a defensive lineman and depth on the other pick wherever needed. So there shouldn’t be too much free agency action left. Only the days ahead will let us know for sure, so keep tuned.  Go Broncos! Just found out that the offer signed by Sanders is 15M over 3 years with an additional 3M in incentives!

More info Day 2.

The Broncos are very Interested in former Panther   Brandon LaFell WR. He is visiting with the Patriots today and Broncos would like to bring him to Denver tonight or on Thursday. This is so fast paced. I just posted that WR and OG were needs left. Now this. One possible move for the guard position would be to move Orlando Franklin into that guard slot and move Chris Clark to Right Tackle. Or they could move Manny Ramirez back to guard and look at a free agent for center. There are three options available,  Green Bay’s Evan Dietrich-Smith, San Diego’s Rich Ornberger and New Orlean’s Brian DeLa Pama. I am sure Peyton will have some say if that is the move they make. But wouldn’t it be delicious to poach another offensive lineman from the Chargers? And lastly they will give the three running backs, Montee Ball, C.J. Anderson and Ronnie Hillman all the spring and early summer reps before looking to bring  a veteran in for a look. So stay tuned for these further developments. I will report them when they occur! Go Broncos!

Day 2 signing!

The Broncos closed the deal with DeMarcus Ware a little while ago. Signed him to a 3 year 30M contract. Elway is making good on his promise to improve the team by plugging holes in the team before the draft. I don’t think they have a lot of room under the cap for any more major moves, but that only leaves MLB and possibly a couple positions on offense, OG & WR for needs before the draft or solved with the draft. We will just have to see. But right now we arguably have the best rush tandem with Ware and Von Miller, and our D-backs would rate  right up to the top level of the NFL. So a major improvement, Mr. Elway and in very short order you pulled the gun. Kudos to you and Thank You Very Much! Dove Valley is in good hands, Bronco Country! Go Broncos!

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