2015 Season Opponents.

Here is the roster of teams we play next season. We play the NFC North and AFC North, plus the Pats and Colts as they also clenched divisions along with the Broncos. The Roster:
Home Games
Away Games

The full schedule with dates and times will be released in late winter to early spring time. It is another tough schedule, having 6 probable playoff times of the 10 games outside of our Division.

Power Rankings Week16.

Power Rankings for Week 16 are:
1. Patriots
2. Broncos
3. Cardinals
4. Packers
5. Seahawks
6. Colts
7. Cowboys
8. Lions
9. Steelers

Go, Broncos and Orange Crush the Bengals Monday night!

Weekly Prediction Article – Week 15: Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers

chabroDenver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers
Qualcomm, Stadium
4:05 PM EST

Good morning, Broncos fans!  It is Week 15 of the 2014 NFL season and today we could have the privilege of watching the Denver Broncos clinch the AFC West for the 4th consecutive season.  The San Diego Chargers look to spoil those plans, and climb within one game of the AFC West leading Broncos.  This should be a great game between two hungry, offensively powered teams who are both in the quest for a Super Bowl trophy.

Week 14 Recap

In Week 14, the San Diego Chargers (8-5)  lost at home to the visiting New England Patriots (10-3) by a score of 23 to 14.  The Chargers offense was shutout in the second half of the game and with that, watched a 14-13 point halftime lead vanish into thin air.  The loss dropped the Chargers to 2 games back in the divisional race, trailing the 10-3 Denver Broncos.

  • QB Philip Rivers completed 20/33 passes for 189 yards adding one touchdown and one interception.  Ryan Matthews was held to just 44 yards on 11 carries, as the Chargers found themselves playing catch-up in the second half of the game.
  • Seven different Chargers players recorded receptions during the game.  Malcolm Floyd hauled in the corps only touchdown grab while gaining 54 yards on 3 receptions.
  • Rivers was sacked four times during the game, as their offensive line was disrupted often by the Patriots defense.  San Diego converted just 4 out of their 13 3rd down attempts and lost the time of possession battle by nearly ten minutes.

The 10-3 Denver Broncos won a tough fought game against at home against the 7-6 Buffalo Bills.  Peyton Manning’s streak of 51 straight games with a touchdown pass came to an end, at home, where it was warm and calm.  He was just 3 games away from meeting the mark set by New Orleans Saints Quarterback, Drew Brees.  C.J. Anderson scored three rushing touchdowns and the defense did the rest in a game where the passing game of Denver seems to have taken a back seat to the rush.

  • Peyton Manning completed 14 passes on 20 attempts, throwing for 173 yards, no touchdowns and 2 interceptions.  Manning has now thrown 11 interceptions on the season with 8 coming in the last 6 games.  It marked the 5th game of the 2014 season where Manning has thrown 2 interceptions.
  • Wes Welker emerged as the game’s leading receiver for Denver hauling in 6 catches for 82 yards, including a 38 yard reception that actually resembled the likes of the Wes Welker we have all grown to love.  Emmanuel Sanders added 56 yards on 4 receptions.  Demaryius Thomas was held to 2 catches and 11 yards and Julius Thomas missed his 3rd straight game.
  • Denver’s defense proved to be the difference maker as they racked up 4 QB sacks, 2 interceptions and 2 forced fumbles in the game.  Bruton, Marshall and Roby all lead the team with 9 tackles each.

Week 15 Prediction Points

  • The Broncos have won three straight games after losing to the St. Louis Rams in Week 11, however, this isn’t the typical Peyton Manning led offense that throws for 300 yards and lights up the scoreboard.  No, this team is a balanced team, running the ball at will and playing tough hard-nosed defense for 60 solid minutes.  But what has caused this sudden change of direction?  It is Father Time finally catching Peyton Manning?  Are they really trying to create a more balanced offensive attack to keep defenses confused?  Are they preparing for the future as a football team without the General on the field?
  • The Chargers come into this game with their AFC West Championship goals on the line.  Lose today to Denver, and watch Denver clinch the Division on your home field.  Win today, and this becomes a serious cat and mouse race, as San Diego would trail Denver by just one game with 2 games left to be played.  As bad as it would be for the Chargers to lose, they would still potentially be in the thick of the wild card race, depending on how things unfold in the early games today.  This game is a must win game for both teams in my opinion.  It will be a battle of will in the second yearly showdown between these two division rivals.
  • The Broncos still boast the most balanced team in the NFL, with the offensive and defensive units both ranked 4th overall in the NFL.  They are the only team in the NFL that has both their offense and defense ranked in the top 10.  I like what we have been seeing out of the Denver running game, but to compete deep into the playoffs the Broncos need to re-establish themselves in the passing game.  If this team can become a true dual-threat offensively balanced team, this defense is good enough to win a Championship.  If Peyton is storing it up for the playoffs then so be it, but this could be it folks.  We could be watching the final chapter a future hall of fame QB’s career.

Final Score Prediction (Overtime)

San Diego Chargers – 24

Denver Broncos – 27

Fantasy and more!

How are you guys doing in Fantasy Football? Do you have any teams in Championship Brackets or Title games?
I have six teams apiece in ESPN and NFL. In ESPN, first found of playoffs was last week, so I have three in the Championship Game and one playing for third place. Also have one playing for fifth place in Consolation and one playing for 7th place. In NFL, I have four in Championship Brackets and two in Consolation Brackets. So I hope my guys perform as I am a projected winner in all 12 games, but you who play know that underperformances can kill your team and overperformances can help you out a ton! These guys got me to this point, so I hope it continues today with very few underperformances, I have seven teams in Championship Brackets so I shold win a few. Good luck to all of you who have teams in the playoffs!
Now to the Broncos. They have a big game today that would all but secure a fourth straight Division title and if the Dolphins can slip past the Pats, inside edge to homefield advantage. Win out over the Bengals and Raiders and we can do no worse than win the Division and a first round bye, which is crucial to healing up all those little dings!
They have a fairly healthy team and get back Julius Thomas on offense, who seems to be the glue that keeps our passing game pumping. So a crucial add especially on third down and the redzone. On defense we get Danny Tevathon back and that is huge also as he is a great QB of the defense and plays along with Brandon Marshall , who has been playing lights out during Trevathon’s abscess. They would play together in Nickle packages and some regular plays. This would help our backfield by letting C.J. Ward play safety rather than regularly crowding the box. But he still could come up and stunt if needed. Trevathon and Marshall could also be stunt players if needed, but Trevathon would be needed to cover tight end Antonio Gates to help him from hurting us too much. They also brought up a big tight end to help run blocking as Paul Cornick is out with a sprained toe. Montee Ball and Quinton Carter were both put on season ending IR yesterday, so Ronnie Hillman may be ready to go as a third running back, with him and Juwann Thompson backing up C.J. Anderson, who has really been playing extremely well!
Look for a better balance between the passing and running game. With the poor shape of the Bolts running game and our defenses ability to really slow down running games, look for Rivers to try to pass them to a win. Which could force the Broncos to air it out more in this game. But if they can get out to a two score lead, look for them to employ more running to control the clock and give the Bolts fewer possessions. Another factor that the Broncos could be looking to exploit is the A gap , which is right up the gut between the Guards. They are on their fourth Center of the season, so there could be some confusion in blocking assignments and changing plays. So look for Middle Pressure from our linemen and possible stunts in that gap. And since Phillip Rivers falls back shorter than most NFL QBS this could push him back where our edge rushers can get at him with sacks and pressure. This could also lead to turnovers by Rivers. He also has a flatter trajectory, so collapsing the pocket from the front could also lead to more batted down passes. If our defense can do all this, they can greatly help towards a victory.
Also special teams need to be sharp in this game. No missed assignments and no cheap fouls could go a long way towards that. We also have not had a punt or kickoff return for a TD this season. Wouldn’t that be sweet today? If they can perform well on offense, defense and special teams today, they can win this game and secure our Fourth Division Championship in a row and that has never been done before in Bronco history. So with that, I will wrap this up and GO, GO Broncos, put a Huge Ol’ Orange Crush on those Bolts and cause a massive short in their performance!!!
And don’t forget cheering on the Dolphins to defeat the Pats in their early slot. If they can, the Broncos, with a win, grab back the edge for the homefield advantage!

Bronco Musings.

The Broncos ran the ball very effectively for the third game in a row against the Bills. Peyton had his worst game as a Bronco, but he is fine and will be strong in the stretch run. In other words, R-E-L-A-X. They were only trying to make a point that they can be tough and play smash-mouth football. Now that they have proven that, and because we finally have Julius Thomas back. And that is huge because he obviously is the glue that makes our passing offense click, especially on third down and in the red zone. They will still run in this Charger game but because Phillip Rivers running offense and offensive line are banged up and little effective, even with Ryan Matthews back in the lineup, expect the Broncos to pass the ball more as Rivers will be trying to pass them to a victory. If we can get out to a two score lead, expect them to run the ball more to control the clock. But failing to do that, look for a higher blend of passing to the running game.
On the defensive side we will have Danny Tevathon back and that is equally huge because he is the morale builder of the D. And get him into the lineup with Brandon Marshall and they can give OC’s fits trying to combat that. T.J. Ward has also been giving them fits working the box as a LB would and being a stunting weapon. Now that Del Rio has opened up the stunting game, expect to see an increase in that as it has been very effective and with Trevathon we have another weapon to use in that effort. Rivers has been less effective in the last five games as his offensive line has been spotty. So we should see a few sacks and hopefully force some turnovers. He will get some of his too, but I see the Broncos slowly dominating this game as the game wears on and I see a 35-20 win. Go, Go Broncos and keep us on this magic carpet ride as we as Bronco Country, United in Orange, stand firmly behind you!!!
P.S I am now listening to the Broncos podcast and they are talking about all these points I made. Nice to get some vindication once in a while!

Week 15 Power Rankings.

Well , here we are with one game done as the Arizona Cardinals and the St.Louis Rams slugged it out in a defensive battle with Arizona prevailing 12-6. They managed to get the win, but their second string QB went down in the third quarter with a knee injury. They are severely handicapped as their leading rusher , Andre Ellington had already been lost for the season. Third string QB and 2nd and 3rd string RB’S where they are not deep, like we are fortunate to have, is not a healthy combination for the last two games and possible playoffs. Here are the Rankings:
1. Packers
2. Broncos
3. Patriots
4. Cardinals
5. Seahawks
6. Colts
7. Cowboys
8. Lions
9. Eagles

Only three days until the Broncos can clinch the AFC West for the fourth straight times. Go, go Broncos and Orange Crush the Chargers!

Video: CBS NFL Week 15 Preview – Broncos vs Chargers

Pete Prisco and Pat Kirwan preview the NFL Week 15 matchup between the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers.

Peyton Manning Says He Feels Good Despite Stats Declining

Peyton Manning 203 passing yards in the past three games and not 330, as he did through the first 10 games this season, and because he didn’t throw a touchdown pass Sunday for the first time as a Bronco, and because the game has not always been as easy as he made it seem his first 2½ seasons in Denver, many are wondering if there is something wrong with Peyton, Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports.

Is he hurt? Is he getting old? Is he losing it?

“None of the above,” said Broncos coach John Fox.

“That’s the furthest thing from the truth if you ask me,” said Mike McCoy, the San Diego Chargers’ second-year coach and former Broncos offensive coordinator.

“I don’t have a great answer for them,” Manning said Wednesday. “I always watch the film of the games pretty critically with my coaches, try to improve whether we won a game or lost a game. Try to see how I can do my job better. I feel good physically and am certainly looking to play better.”

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