Setting it Staight!

Today, one of the writers thinks that the Broncos will have a hangover this season stemming from the Super Bowl loss.To put it bluntly, I told him that he could stuff his opinion as he obviously hasn’t visited Dove Valley to see how things really are going on. And what is going on the Broncos are using that loss as huge motivation similar to that overtime loss to the Ravens. But I know they are even more motivated this season.
Plus the addition of 4 great free agents added to the return of 8 players that missed that Super Bowl, will make the Broncos a much stronger team this year. Not on paper, but in reality. And I know that the chemistry in the locker room and on the field is going great.And we will again have a great offense plus a defense that I will be amazed if they aren’t a top 5 or top 10 team. They will be able to get off the field more quickly and more often, giving the offense more chances to score and/or control the clock, which they did not have nearly as much last season.And we still managed to get to the Super Bowl.
So if they play as they are expected to it will be one heck of a season this year. And they will be more battle tested from going through a tougher schedule. So to all you doubters and haters, you will be very surprised and amazed by how wrong you will be! Go Broncos!

Projected 2014 Broncos Roste

Almost time for Training Camp.Opens 4 days from now on Wednesday July 23rd. And the preseason games take up August and the season begins at 7:30 pm Sunday Night Football on NBC September 7th against the Indianapolis Colts which begins our Revenge Tour. So the pace will quicken real soon. Here is my projection of this year’s Bronco Roster Team. And as I promised a Shout-out to a Broncos fan I recently met who sports a great Broncos tat. Here’s to you Michael Clark! GO,Go Broncos and lead us to a Super Great Season this year.

My Projected Roster:
Offense (25)
QB (3)
Peyton Manning
Brock Osweiler
Zac Dysert/ Jack
Renner (One placed
on practice
RB (4)
Montee Ball
C.J. Anderson
Ronnie Hillman
Juwann Thompson
(Brennan Clay/
Capri Bibb on
Practice Squad)
Receivers (6)
Demaryius Thomas
Emmanuel Sanders
Wes Welker
Cody Latimer (Will
see many quality
Andre Caldwell
Isaah Burse (Will
also return
kickoffs and
TE (3)
Julian Thomas
Jacob Tamme
Virgil Greene
(Gerrell Robinson
on Practice
Ryan Clady
Orlando Franklin
Manny Rodriguez
Louis Vasquez
Chris Clark
Will Montgomery
Michael Schofield
Vinson Painter
(Winston Justice&
Ben Garland on
Practice Squad)
Defense (25)
DeMarcus Ware
Terrance Knighton
Sylvester Williams
Malik Jackson
Derek Wolfe
Kevin Vickerson
Quanterus Smith
Mitch Unrein
LB (7)
Von Miller
Danny Trevathon
Nate Irving
Lamin Barrow
Steven Johnson
Lerentee McCray
Corey Nelson
(Brandon Marshall
on Practice
CB (5)
Chris Harris
Aqid Talib
Bradley Robey
Kayvon Webster
Tony Carter
(Louis Young to
Practice Squad)
Safeties (5)
T.J. Ward
Rahim Moore
Quinton Carter
David Bruton
Omar Bolden (makes
team with ability
to also play CB)
(Duke Ihenacho to
Practice Squad)
Specialists (3)
Matt Prater
Britton Colquist
Aaron Brewster
Long Snapper

That is my projection and here’s to a great season for all of Bronco Country across America and internationally!
NOTE: I have 9 on practice squad and only 7 make it, so 2 designated for practice squad will not make the team or practice squad)
And good luck to all who will not make the team, other NFL teams and other careers!

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Manning Says He’s Not Even Thinking About Retiring

Peyton Manning Will SOon Meet With Doctors on his neck check up

Retirement isn’t on Peyton Manning’s radar as he prepares for his 17th NFL season, his third in Denver, Arnie Stapleton of the Associated Press reports . Coming off the best two-year stretch of his career, Manning is keeping tacklers, tedium and time itself at bay.

At 38, Manning said he’ll keep playing as long as he’s still productive and loves the game.

“I still enjoy the work and preparation,” said Manning, who lost wide receiver Eric Decker to the Jets but gained coveted free agent Emmanuel Sanders and prized rookie Cody Latimer.

That turnover actually helps keep Manning young at heart, coach John Fox suggested.

“There’s so much change in the NFL nowadays that I think that keeps the juices flowing, whether that’s getting Emmanuel Sanders up to speed or last year, Wes Welker. Anytime you put a new cog in there, that’s an adjustment,” Fox said. “I think he takes pride in that and he attacks that. He seems to me to be having a great time.”

Manning would like to play out his contract, which runs through 2016. Yet, while he’s not pondering retirement, he said in an interview with The Associated Press that he has certainly contemplated what it will be like.

“Sometimes I sort of kick back and I pause and I think what sorts of things would I miss the most if I wasn’t playing,” Manning said.

“Being in the huddle,” Manning said. “That’s what I missed most when I was injured, I’ll say that. I mean, there’s no other type of unity or bond that I think any other job can provide. I know there are meetings, there are video conferences. But that huddle, because of where it takes place: it’s often on the road, in the middle of the field, in front of 80,000 people, it’s unique.”

“When you don’t play football anymore, you can broadcast, you can coach, you can be in management, whatever, but you are not allowed to go into the huddle anymore,” Manning said. “That huddle is just for players. You can go into the locker room after the game and you can speak to the team, but I think any retired player would probably tell you they miss the huddle.”

“And I like going into that huddle,” Manning said. “I like the guys that I get to work with. I like lifting weights, working with Wes Welker, doing a set of bench press with Jacob Tamme, I like working with the guys that I play with and I still like learning. I like being challenged by Adam every day to be a better football player. There are a lot of things that I still enjoy about it.

“And I look forward to driving over here every day. I think as soon as you go, ‘Golly, I do not want to go over there today,’ that’s when you’ve got to get out.”

Saturday musings.

I like where the Broncos are now. They had an excellent job in the OTAs. Spirits were high and execution on both sides of the ball was great. I have watched all the videos and like what the players and coaches are saying. Everything is in pretty good synch and I am excited about the improvement of the defense. LB Lemonty McCray and DL Sylvester Williams are fitting in well with first team reps and could be impact players this year.And all those returning from the injury front will be key players as the season unfolds. I truly believe that the defense will get off the field better and more often and will get more take aways. And if the offense cuts down on their turnovers we could have a healthy turnover ratio for a huge change! Next up is mini camp so keep tuned for that. But great progress for now and keep up all the good solid work, Broncos!

Start of practices.

Today was day one for the first practice session that will continue through Saturday. This is the first time for the whole team, minus TE Joel Dreeson, to be together on the field .Though in shorts and helmets, it was an upbeat practice with the team running through drills at a quick pace. All returning from injury rehab seemed to be in full recovery, but Von Miller and Chris Harris may take a little longer through camp and returning to game shape in the preseason. Hopefully the team will not have the level of injuries that plagued the Broncos last season. GO Broncos and have great practices in your quest to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl and winning the Lombardi this time!!!

Broncos get down to 90 man roster.

The Broncos made it to the 90 man roster limit with these six roster moves. They signed Greg Hardin WR, Charles Mitchell S and Chase Vaughn LB. They waived John Youboty DT, Mister Cobble DT and Steven Clark P. Youboty injured his Achilles and hope he recovers well and quickly. They all have decent chances of catching on with a home in the NFL and good luck to them. Britton Colquitt is the lone punter on the squad now.
Well, that means that 29 of them will be gone after the Broncos get down to the 53 man roster plus 8 on the practice squad early in September. But for now they are members of the Denver Broncos and should be shown respect and love from our Bronco Country. The List:

S Anderson,C.J. RB California 2013 roster
Anunike,Kenny DE Duke UDFA
S Austin, Marvin DT N.Car. Free Agent
S Ball, Montee RB Wisc. 2013 Roster
Barret, Shaquil LB CSU UDFA
S Barrow, Lamin LB LA Rd.5 pick 2014
Bibb,Kapri RB CSU UDFA
S Bolden, Omar S ASU 2013 Roster
Boyett, John S Oregon 2013 Pr. Sq.
S Brewer, Aaron LS S.D.St. 2013 Roster
S Bruton, David S N. Dame 2013 Roster
S Burse, Isaiah WR Fresno St. UDFA
S Caldwell, Andre WR Fla. 2013 Roster
S Carter,Clinton S Okla. 2013 Roster IR
Carter, Tony CB FSN 2013 Roster
Chaney, Jamar LB Miss. ST. Futures
S Clady, Ryan OT Boise St. 2013 Roster
S Clark, Chris OT S.M. St. 2013 Roster
Clay, Brennan RB Okla. UDFA
S Colquitt, Britton P Tenn. 2013 Roster
Cornick, Paul OT N.D. St. 2013 Pr Sq
Davis, Hall DE La. Laf. 2013 Pr Sq
Dreeson, Joel TE CSU 2013 Roster
S Dysert, Zac QB Miami Oh. 2013 Roster
Fort, L.J. LB N. Ia. Futures
Fowler, Bennie WR MSU UDFA
S Franklin,Orlando OT Miami 2013 Roster
Fua, Sione DT Stanford 2013 Roster
Garland, Ben OK AFA 2013 Pr Sq
S Greene, Virgil TE Nevada 2013 Roster
Hagg, Eric S Nebraska Futures
Hardin, Greg WR N. Dakota UDFA
S Harewood, Ramon OT Morehouse Futures
S Harris, Chris Jr. CB Kan. 2013 Roster
Harris, Jarrell LB Alabama Futures
S Hillman,Ronnie RB S.D. St.2013 Roster
S Ihenacho, Duke S S.J. St. 2013 Roster
S Irving, Nate LB N.C. St. 2013 Roster
S Jackson, Malick DE Tenn. 2013 Roster
Johnson, Steven LB Kan. 2013 Roster
Justice, Winston OT USC 2013 Roster
S Knighton,Terrance DT Temp.2013 Roster
Konz, Jameson TE Kent St. Futures
S Lattimer, Cody WR Ind. Rd.1 Pick 2014
Latta, Greg DE Purdue UDFA
S Manning, Peyton QB Tenn. 2013 Roster
Marshall, Brandon LB Nev. 2013 Roster
S McCray,Lerentee LB Fla. 2013 RosterIR
Miller, Ryan DE CSU Futures
S Miller, Von LB Texas A&M 2013 Roster
Mitchell Charles S Miss. St. Futures
S Montgomery, Will C Va.Tech Free Agent
S Moore, Rahim FS UCLA 2013 RosterIR
Moorah,Cameron TE Cal. Futures
Murphy, Jerome DB S Fla. Futures
S Nelson, Corey LB Okla. Rd 7 Pick 2014
S Osweiler, Brock QB ASU 2013 Roster
Painter, Vinson OT Va.Tech 2013 Pr Sq
Palmer,Nathan WR N.Ill. 2013 Pr Sq
S Paradis,Matt C BoiseSt.Rd.6 Pick 2014
S Prater,Matt K Central Fla.2013 Roster
S Ramirez, Manny C Tex.Tech 2013 Roster
Renner, Brynn QB N.C. UDFA
S Robinson,Gerell TE Ariz.St.2013 Pr Sq
S Roby,Bradley CB OhioSt. Rd.1Pick 2014
S Sanders,Emmanuel WR S.Meth.Free Agent
S Schofield,Michael OT MichRd.3Pick2014
S Smith, Quanteris DE W.Ken.2013 Roster
Sterling, Aslam OT Kan. UDFA
Sullen, Jordan CB Tulane UDFA
S Talib, Aqib CB Kan. Free Agent
Tamne,Jacob TE Kent. 2013 Roster
S Thomas,DemaryiusWR Ga.Tech2013 Roster
S Thomas,Julian TE Port.St. 2013 Roster
S Trevathon,Danny LB Kent. 2013 Roster
Unrein, Mitch DT Wyo. 2013 Roster
S Vasquez,Louis OG Tex.Tech 2013 Roster
Vaughn,Chase LB CSUPueb.Rookie Tryout
S Vickerson,Kevin DT MS 2013 Roster
S Ward, T.J. SS Oregon Free Agent
S Ware, DeMarcus DE Troy Free Agent
S Webster,Kayvon CB S.Fla. 2013 Roster
S Welker,Wes WR Tex.Tech 2013 Roster
Williams,Jerome RB Furman Futures
S Williams,Sylvester DT N.C.2013 Roster
Wilson, Greg WR Fordham 2013 Pr Sq
S Wolfe,Derek DE Cinc. 2013 RosterIR
Young,Louis CB Ga.Tech UDFA
They all are Broncos for now and deserve all the respect and love that comes from Bronco Country!
The 51 I put with the S designation are pretty safe, but you never know what toll injuries take and competition is always a factor. That leaves two roster slots and the eight slots on the Practice Squad. So how many new souls will we see on the 2014 Denver Broncos? That will be decided by early September. Now, back to the Owners Meetings, where there is talk about moving the venue out of New York and moving it to April 30th which would put it right between Easter and Mothers Day. They also may add Sunday to the mix. As far as expanded playoffs, no vote is expected so earliest for that would be the 2015 season.
And finally the Broncos squad has thirteen players considered at or near the top level of their respective positions. On offense, these include QB Peyton Manning, OG Louis Vasquez, OT Ryan Clady, TE Julian Thomas,and WR’s
Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker. On defense included are DE DeMarcus Ware, LB’s Von Miller and Danny Trevathon, DT Terrance Knighton,CB’s Chris Harris Jr. and Aqib Talib and SS T.J. Ward. That is quite a collection of fantastic players that should make all of fans in Bronco Country very proud and there are not too many teams that can claim this many great players in the NFL. And we have several vets and rookies that could join them with good seasons in 2014 and beyond. How about Rookie Bradley Roby, Rahim Moore, Derek Wolfe and Sylvester Williams on defense and Manny Ramirez, Orlando Franklin, Emmanuel Sanders, Montee Ball and Rookie Cody Latimer on offense. Should be quite a season if the 13 step up and have great seasons and the others also have good to great seasons it should be quite a season to behold. Keep up all the good hard work and GO,GO BRONCOS!!!

Draft picks for next year.

Also, Broncos will have 7 regular picks, but will have none in 4th Round and two in Fifth Round due to the trade up for Cody Latimer.  They should also recieve 4 compensatory picks in that draft so will gave 11 picks compared to 6 this draft. Almost twice as many picks next year, so the future for the Broncos looks bright!

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