Clady down with ACL, Broncos Ajustustment


Ryan Clady went down with an ACL injury in practice today. And they decided to immediately put Ty Samboino in at Left Tackle. They also quickly signed Ryan Harris from Texans to bolster that position. Had to happen to our best O Lineman, but we have two good solid candidates to fill in for him. So it looks like 4 new OL in 2015. At least it was early in the year, so they have a lot of time to work out any kinks before September. And Clady actually did never go down and played three more plays before taking himself out, so possibly it is one of the easier ACL injuries that may not take as long to recover from. I know they exist,but don’t know a whole lot about them, so we will have to wait for Greek’s pronouncement. Another next man up situation, so Go, Go Broncos and rise up, Samboino and Harris and plug that hole very well!!!

Broncos OLB Shane Ray Out with Toe Injury

Denver Broncos rookie camp at Dove Valley

Outside linebacker Shane Ray, the Broncos’ first round draft choice, sat out the team’s first organized team activity session Wednesday at Dove Valley, Tom Kensler of the Denver Post reports.

But Broncos coach Gary Kubiak does not believe Ray will be sidelined much longer. Ray, 6-foot-3 and 245 pounds, is recovering from a turf toe injury suffered at the end of his final college season at Missouri.

“He’s close,” Kubiak said. “I think next week you’ll see him do some individual (work) and those types of things. We fitted him with some orthotics. He’s feeling good. He’s done some work. He’s done a lot of treatment.”

Ray said he feels like he could get back on the field by the end of this week. “But it’s a process and it’s not something we want to rush. We want to make sure that when I do come back, I can be me.”

Projected 53 Man Squad


Well, it is time for me to predict the final 53 man Bronco team. A lot can change from injuries, competition and any signings of free agents that might come in and make the team. So here is how I think it will look.

Offense (25)
QB (2) Manning
RB (4) Anderson
FB (2) Casey
TE (3) Daniels
WR (5) Thomas
OL (9) Clady
Defense (25)
DL (7) Jackson
LB (8) Miller
CB (6) Harris Jr.
S (4) Ward
Specialists (3)
Punter Schmitz
Kickoff Schmitz
Placekicker Barth
Longsnapper Brewster

Well, what do you think of the 2015 projected Broncos team? Comment if you think it is good, or recommend differences you would do! It’s just an educated guess and like I said, there are other factors that could change the roster. So Go, Go Broncos and work real hard and give Broncos Country a great season!!!

New extra point rules.

Matt Prater

The owners decided to go with the plainest vanilla choice for the 2015 season only. They will evaluate it at the end of the season and tweak it if necessary. The 1 point kick conversion moves back 13 yards to the ball snapped at the 15 yard-line. This will put the kick at 32-33 yards where they collecting convert at ~95%. So about 1 in 20 will be missed, so there will probably be two or three each week missed. Now, in addition, if the kick is blocked or fumbled and the defense recovers it or an interception occurs, one point for the defense, unless they return it to the endzone, they get two points. On standard 2 point conversions, they kept them at the 2yd line. In that case, if the defense recovers a fumble or intercepts and returns it to the endzone they get 2 points. If they are tackled in their end zone a 2 point safety is given to the offense.

You will have to hold your urine or tastebuds a little longer to see what the coach decides especially if they are coming from behind. It also adds a little more incentive for the defense. This will also put some more stress on better special teams play.

We will just have to see how it works in the preseason again and hopefully they will have worked out any kinks by the start of the regular season. GO, GO BRONCOS!!!

Miscellaneous Musings


The Broncos have signed all the draft class with the exceptions of Shane Ray and Jeff Hueurman. Shane has not been able to practice yet but is expected to be able to practice by the upcoming OTA’s (Organized Team Activities). Jeff, on the otherhand,suffered an ACL injury and is being involved in coaching the tight ends and other activities so it may take a while to work out his contract, because of the personal services aspect. Legalize for sure.

The Broncos will also host the San Francisco 49ers during the week leading up to their third preseason game. The new indoor facility at Dove Valley will aid considerly in that and hopefully no onfield incidents will occur during that week.

The above mentioned OTA’s will take place during May and June and there will be ten days of OTA’s and one three day Mandantory Camp during that period. The OTA and Mandantory Camp dates are:
May 27-29 First OTA
June 1-2 Second OTA
June 4 Third OTA
June 9-11 Mandantory Camp
June 15-18 Fourth OTA
The team and coaches will be able to practice in 7 on 7, 9 on 7, and 11 on 11 formats.
So they will have 13 days of Broncos organized practices within 22 days. Then, by the wrapup of this period, camp will only be about over a month away. Then only about 7 more weeks until they kickoff off the season by hosting the Ravens on Sunday Night Football. So the light is on at the end of the offseason tunnel and the Broncos Country Express Train is slowly gathering steam and it won’t be that long until it pulls out and takes us on another great ride through the season and hopefully to Niners Stadium in February! Hope all of you in Broncos Country is having a great spring and will have a wonderful summer as we get the vocal chords in shape to root on our Beloved Broncos come September!!!

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One Bronco has fallen and Brady and Pats take their Lumps!


As you know, Jeff Huerman suffered an ACL injury and will probably miss the entire season. It is a serious injury, but many players have recovered and played well after suffering one. The Doctors advances in that type of surgery will certaintly bode for a good recovery, and he should be fine for next season. He has a good attitude about it which will aid in his recovery too. Now that leaves them with a savvy veteran, an upcomer, and a veteran FB/TE. They also have two young TE’s in Joe Don Duncan and Dominique Jones. If one of those two emerges, he will probably make the team. If not, Kubiack likes TEs, and has kept four on most of his teams, so maybe they can sign a veteran in the next few weeks or even the early preaseason, as teams trim rosters.

The other big item in the NFL news was the punishment of Tom Brady and the Pats. They suspended Brady for 4 games, which will cost him millions, fined the Pats a cool $1M, and took away the Pats first round pick in the 2016 draft, along with a fourth round pick in 2017.They have a reputation as a Cheating Organization, so as bad as this punishment is, I think he should have been suspended for at least 8 games. How about you?

Go, Go Broncos and keep up all the hard work preparing for another great season in Broncos Country!!!

Rookie Camp


Rookie Camp has kicked off yesterday and I am sure you have seen the roster. In addition to the draftees, here are a few players who might shine out;
Matt Miller from Boise State UFDA 2015 is a Wide Recever and he has a really chance to crack the roster at that position. The top Three are Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Cody Latimer and beyond that is a wide dropoff, so if he has a good rookie camp and future camps, he could very well be on the roster, or at worst, on the Practice Squad.
Grant Hedrick is a Quarterback, also from Boise State and could vie against Zac Dysert for a spot on the Practice Squad. Josh Snead is a RB from Duke and he is a great runner with good vision and patience to hit the hole. If he shows well he will compete with Kapri Bibbs to probably replace Ronnie Hillman, who I think is the weakest RB we have.Chjka Ndule from Oklahoma is a NT who might crack the roster to add depth to the defensive line or make the Practice Squad. Shaquil Barrett from CSU is an OLB who nearly made the team last season, with his seasoning on the Practice Squad last year could again press to make the roster. Zaire Allen is an ILB from Nebraska who is real hustler on the field and a great tackler and could add quality depth at that position on the Roster or make the Practice Squad. Karl Schmitz has great talent as a Punter, Kickoffs and Place Kicker. He could open another roster spot for smoene else to make the roster. He has a super strong leg and could compete very well to make the roster this year. Well, they are the ones I think you shoild watch out for during Rookie Camp.
Go, Go Rookies and Coaches to work really hard and make the best of abilities of these outstanding young players to give them a chance to wear a Bronco Uniform in 2015!!!

Draft report!


Well, the 2015 NFL Draft has come and again. Here is what I think of each of the Draft selections:
1st Round: The Broncos moved up to Detroit’s 23rd position after trading Manny Ramirez to them along with giving up a 5th round pick this year and a fifth round in next years draft. They used it on Shane Ray, who was considered as a top 10 pick before his drug possession incident last Monday. He was rated at #10;on the Broncos Big Board and they didn’t think he would slide all the way to them at Pick 28, which was right, because the Ravens said they would have taken him. It is a steal as he is a great rusher and projected to eventually take over Demarcus Ware’s position and it ensures that the Broncos will have two top quality edge rushers for many years to come! And his marijuana incident will make it easy on the cap as he will be cost effective until his 2nd contract. And it motivates him to really prove himself. He will see plenty of action this year as he sponges up knowledge from Van and Demarcus. It was a really good choice.

2nd Round: They used this selection on Ty Sambrailo, OT from Colorado State. He is a great blocker and is very skilled at getting to the second level and taking LBs and defensive backs out of the play. He also is flexible and could compete at RT or LG. The Broncos were high on him before the Draft and he will get a lot of seasoning as he will fit really well in the Zone Blocking the Broncos will use this season. Another quality selection.

3rd Round: They kicked off on this round by choosing Jeff Hueurman TE of Ohio State. He was a great run blocker for the Buckeyes, who won the National Championship with a run heavy offense. But he is athletic and has good hands but needs to use them more to catch passes out of the air, instead of cradling them in his body. He needs to learn route running and time on the Juggs machine will get him more used to using his hands to catch the pass. A little raw, but a lot of potential. Will compete for the third TE position with John Casey and Joe Don Duncan , who are more like fullback players. Really good chance to make the team this year and get some seasoning.

Round 4: Max Garcia C Florida was their selection and he is also a great blocker, a great field leader, and is also flexible. Will compete for the Center position with Gino Grabowski and Matt Paradis for Center and Ben Canfield and Shelley Smith for Left Guard. He has a really good chance to make the team as he will fit in greatly in the Zone Blocking scheme and may win a starting job as the season progresses. Another great choice.

Round 5: The Broncos used this pick to draft Lorenzo Doss CB, who was the first of two picks from Tulane University. He has a really good look at the ball and, strong and can wrestle the ball away in a more than 50-50% And he did have several interceptions in his senior season. Can provide depth in the CornerBack position and could develop into a starting CB eventually.

Round 6:The Broncos choice in this round was Darius Kilgo of Maryland. He is a Nose Tackle and had an excellent senior year for the Terps. Is big with tree trunks of legs. Very good rush defender, but needs to be coached into a better pass rusher. Has a good chance to work into a rotation with Sylvester Williams and Marvin Austin, as neither of them have starting experience. Has a really good chance to make the team and add quality depth in the interior defensive line! With the departure of Terrance Knighton, this pick was critical.

Round 7: They went with a QB they were high on before the Draft and with the first choice of three in a row towards the end of the Draft, they went with Trevor Siemiean of Northwestern. He was injured for much of his senior season but the Broncos liked his strong arm and footwork and quick release. He actually had a good amount of time behind center, which most of QBs in the Draft didn’t have. Will compete with Zac Dysert for the third quarterback position, which will probably be on the Practice Squad this season. With the second pick they opted for Taurean Nixon DB , who could be the fastest defensive back in this years draft. He timed out on his Pro Day between 4.25-4.37 in the 60yd race. That is blazing quick and he likes the gunner position on special teams and could earn a spot on the team as a special teamer and could be a leading candidate for a returning kicker specialist. The Broncos chose to pull the gun on him because they didnt believe he would make it out of the draft and lose the chance to sign him as an UDFA. With the final pick of their draft, they chose Josh Furman, Oklahoma State.
In his senior year the Cowboys used him as a combo Strong Safety/Inside Linebacker. Lean and strong, he will battle to make the squad and provide quality depth. Could make the team as a special teamer, but more likely end up on the Practice Squad this season. Another very interesting pick. They have also signed 9 UFDA’s and they are all high quality selections. All in All, I would rate this draft with a B+, so Go, Go draftees and UDDA’s, work really hard and make the best of your chances to be a part of the 2015 Bronco season!!!

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