2015 Schedule Tomorrow Night!


The NFL will announce the 2015 schedule on NFL Network live at 7:00pm (E). It also will be published at NFL.com. So that is great news. And it is only 10 days until the draft kicks off on Thursday, April 30th. So we are still in the midst of the first minicamp and the pace is quickening and before you know it camp will be open, live football games in pre-season and tomorrow we will know who the opponent is to kick off another great season of Broncos Football. Go, Go, Broncos and draft some great young players to help the Broncos in their quest for an excellent season and playoffs!!!

New Player and Schedule news.


As you know, Tight End James Casey, who played for the Texans and Eagles, signed a one year contract with the Broncos. Now they have a pretty talented trio of Tight Ends. They all are good blockers and can catch the ball. As a group, I think they can go well over a 1000 yards in receiving. And all three could be great redzone targets. Got a good nickname for them?
And the NFL schedule is tentatively due to come out on Thursday, April 23rd. So hopefully they won’t change that date as all Broncos Country is no doubt itching to see it.
And the Broncos started the first OTC today, working out in the training room and meeting as a group to see highlights of the last 20 Super Bowls. So the long off-season has been completed, with a new Coaching Staff and several departures and several new arrivals. As the camps cut down, we probably will see a few more departures. It happens every year, but admittedly, a little more this season. The only positions with real questions are Right Tackle and maybe Middle LB. They have three Right Tackles on the roster, but none are ready to be steadily good tackles at this time, so I think one of the early, and maybe the first round if a quality tackle woild fall to them, choice will be there. If Danny Trevathon comes back well from his injury, I think in a 4-3, there really is no true Mike LB, as in a 3-4 D. So I think we will see a lot of Marshall and Trevathon at the same time on the field with Ward coming up often to that area to bolster run defense , cover drag recievers, and stunt. So, unless a LB is the best choice at the time they choose, they msy try to pick up one in the latter rounds or even an undrafted free agent signing to help with backup and a high upside for the future. We don’t have to wait much longer to see who they choose, either, as it is only 18 days away!
Go, Go Broncos and max your workouts this week and next and develop championship bodies and attitudes!!!

Preseason games and Super Bowl odds.


The NFL has released the schedule and sequence of the games, but not in the dates. They will play these teams:
V.San Francisco
As far as Super Bowl odds, Vegas Insider has the Broncos tied with the Eagles at 15-1, behind Seattle, Green Bay, New England, Indiapolis, and Dallas. I can see the other teams than Dallas. I would put the Broncos in fouth position and then Dallas and the Eagles. GO Broncos and have a great draft! And the Broncos start offseason workouts next Monday! So the pace of the offseason will increase from now on!

NFL screws Broncos on compensatory picks


Let’s see if you’ve heard this one before – the NFL messed up. This time it flat out screwed the Broncos when it came to their compensatory picks in this May’s NFL Draft which will be held in Chicago. Get the Broncos 2015 NFL Lines here at Mybookie.ag.

Back on March 25th the NFL admitted that instead of a 6th rounder (208th overall), the Broncos will now have pick 250 in round 7.

That means with the screw up the Broncos will have plenty of time to pick that 250th overall pick considering they already had picks 251, and 252 in the Draft.

The NFL admitted that there was a “database error,” and overall the NFL Management Council revised three compensatory selections belonging to the Panthers, Broncos and Steelers.

The changes add an additional compensatory pick to the fifth round with one less pick in the sixth round. Carolina’s sixth-round selection (6-38-213) is now a fifth-round pick (5-38-174). Denver’s sixth-round selection (6-33-208) is now a seventh-round pick (7-33-250).

Pittsburgh’s seventh-round pick (7-35-252) is now a sixth-round (6-36-212).

Notice that only the Broncos got screwed in all this with a lower pick? Feels like something may be up when it comes to the NFL and its ways of doing these compensatory picks.

No one in the NFL is talking about the ‘error’ since the league doesn’t publicize the formula that goes into the awarding of compensatory picks.

Overall, it’s just impossible to figure out what exactly led to the database error. The general formula is based on how many free agents a team lost in the previous offseason with a value assigned based on the size of the contract, performance and awards of the players that left.

Come draft day, the Broncos will have ten overall picks, with the draft this year taking place April 30th to May 2nd, and this year will take place in Chicago.

Here’s all of the Broncos 10 picks, starting with their first pick in round one: Round 1 (28), Round 2 (59), Round 3 (92), Round 4 (133), Round 5 (143), Round 5 (164), Round 6 (203), Round 7 (250), Round 7 (251), Round 7 (252).

Ten picks should help this team which faltered down the stretch and wound up losing their first playoff game reload for the 2015 season, a year which could be the last for QB Peyton Manning.

The new staff with Gary Kubiak as head coach needs to make sure to not let lingering feelings from 2014 stay with them, and need to use those 10 picks to their best of their ability and not let the NFL ‘screw up’ get their game off come draft night 2015.

More Bits and Pieces.


Well, as you know by now, the Broncos still have 10 draft picks, but the NFL made a mistake and tbe compesating picks were rearranged. Now if a team would mske a mistake of that order, all hell woild break loose. So the League should do something beyond a simple apology, but we will see on that.
The rule change that we will probably see instituded this season will be a change in the extra point situation. The current setup has been the way it is since the onset of the NFL so this is a sea change and could possibly affect the kicking game considerably. The two options most likely to be okayed would be:
(1) The scoring team would have the option of running a play from the 1 1/2 yd. line, or running a kick play from the 15 yd. line. That would make it equivalent of a 32 yard fieldgoal. I looked up NFL stats and from 30-39 yds. there were 30 misses, which about averages one per team. The Broncos missed two in that range last season. So it would put a little dicey into that end. Now with a play from the 1 1/2 yard line, that would entail more emphasis on linemen play and thus influence draft picks and also entail more practice time for bith offense and defense to practice both running and passing plays.
(2) Do away with the kicking aspect, which affects league kickers greatly and run all extra points as plays from the 2 yard line. It is unclear whether they would award 2 points or 1 point for a conversion.
Of the two I greatly prefer the first option. It adds just enough constracting options to make it a tougher choice in some situations, desirable in some and no brainers in some. A vote of the owners will probably take place sometime in May, so keep tuned for that.
Another rule change that the League decided to investigate is the fixed cameras for sidelines and end zones to give more closer views of plays in those areas.Bill Bellicheck the Pats Head Coach went on a minitirade at the meeting to instigate this, but I think they are needed too.
And it was announced today that Demaryius Thomas will not participate in off season practice, including the Duke event. That will only be better for Cody Latimer who should get increased reps as a result of that. And that is all the better for him, as he is expected to take a big leap as a Bronco reciever this season. I fully expect Elway to wrap D.T. up in a multi-year contract by camp, but he is playing the negotiating game that has been adopted as modus operata in the NFL in recent years. Get it done, Elway!
And the next big event comes down the pike in a tad over a month with the NFL Draft in the Big Windy. We will see model drafts up the ying-yang between then and now. We all know the overarching needs for the Broncos going in and I am sure the Broncos will have a ton of good players on their Big Board, but the vagaries of picking 28th in the first and some ensuing rounds can of course throw kinks into things. And we know none of these model drafts will hit the nail on the head, so why bother. There may be a player or two who I may talk about but that will be all. Good Day, Broncos Country!!!

Comp picks and D.T.


As you know, the Broncos John Elway, Joe Ellis and Gary Kubiack are at the Owner’s Meetings. They received the anticipated 4 total Comp Picks and the total draft order for them is this, barring any trades or signings that would offer a Bronco draft pick or they recieve one. The Order:
1st (28) 2nd (59) 3rd (92) 4th (144)C.P. 5th (136,156)
6th (187,208 C.P.) 7th (250,251)
Both C.P.
Elway is also working with Demaryius Thomas and his agent on working out a long term contract, which we expected, but this is the first confirmation of the negotions.
That is the big news of the day, but stay tuned as more will come out on any new rules blessed by the Owners.Go, Bronco triumtive and get to work on your Draft Big Board and getting any free agents signed!

Bits and Pieces.


As you know, Elway has kept free agency close to the vest in signings. They are trying to find value picks and that will continue.
They obviously have some holes to fill in the offensive line. They have players on the roster like Ben Garland, Matt Paradis and Michael Schofield at Guard,Center and Right Tackle respectively. Can they coach up any of them in the zone blocking scheme Kubiack will install? Only time will tell. There are free agent centers like Stefen Wisniewski, the foemer Penn State and Raiders top 10 rated NFL center last season and Chris Meyers who was released by the Texans. The advantage to Meyers is his familiarty to Kubiack and the zone blocking scheme. Either way, Peyton needs and deserves a veteran prescence under center at least to start the season. And tackles like Joe Barkdell of the Rams that could be a veteran prescence to school Schofield through the upcoming season.I think Elway will get one or more of these players, hopefully sooner than later. And I think they will draft three to four offensive linemen in the draft. If this all pans out it could be a great brouhaha shaking out the best candidates to protect Peyton and establish a great running game. I think it is doable and Elway will get it done.
The Owners meetings are going on this weekend and there are two things that we are particularly interested in, rule changes and comp picks. There are three rules most likely to pass muster. First is the Bears suggestion to guarantee that both teams get a possession of the ball in overtime, then play sudden death overtime from there, if the score is tied after each has one possession. I think this would be a great rule change. The Broncos have benefited and been the victim of the current rule. We won that playoff game when Tebow hit Demaryius with that touchdown pass on the first play of the overtime. And were victimized when Seattle won that overtime game this last season. It is definitely a fairer rule change and I hope they institute it. The second rule change I think that has a chance to pass is the Coach can call a time out instead of throwing the challenge flag, then calling a challenge during that timeout. If they win the challenge, they get the timeout back. This would prevent the other team rushing up to the line and running a play to dodge a challenge. And the third is making it standard in all NFL stadiums to have set cameras on sidelines, endlines, and goallines. Mile High already has these but this would make it standard league wide. The other thing is Comp picks are awarded at the meetings.We should get four compensatory picks to go with the six regular picks. So we should know real soon hiw tbey shake out by round. And with the six or seven veteran free agent losses we have suffered already, we should get another nice haul of picks next season too. Fits right in with Elway’s team building phylosedy, doesnt it? Anyway, stay tuned as news will be coming out on rules changes and the comps this week.
The other thing, and its a very good one and a long time coming to fruition. That is the first ever Veteran Combine, which you can watch on NFL Network tonight at 7:00(E). Matt Birks the NFL’s Player Director was given this task to pull a 100 street free agents and give them a second chance to make an impression that they never got from the NFL. And there were many others that could have been included. How about a revival of a developmental league again NFL? Could definitely be a great time to do it with all the megabucks the League is raking in.
Anyway, next, free agency continues and the Draft is only five weeks away. Then minicamps, where we get an extra one for Kubiack’s first year, leading to regular camp and preseason. So another great season of Broncos football with a new coaching staff and another good deep team that has a chance to be one of the best in the NFL and make another SuperBowl run. What really is not to like in Broncos Country? Give me a logshaker and some salt,,, Go, Go Broncos and enjoy March Madness today and beyond!!! To Infinity! ( Music and Movies on the mind, I guess)

Two new signings!


Darien Stewart FS signed a two year deal. And Shelley Smith OG also signed a two year contract. Both of them help plug holes in the team and both of them have played for Kubiack so they are familiar with his offenseve and defensive schemes, so learning curves will be very short! Welcome to the Broncos, gentlemen!

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