New Coaches.


Earlier today,the Broncos hired Wade Phillips to serve as the Defensive Coordinator. They also hired Brian Pariani to coach the Tight Ends. He seved as TE coach for the Broncos from 1995-2004, during which he coached both Shannon Sharpe and Dwayne Carswell. He also coached that position for Gary Kubiack in Baltimore last season. They have also hired Joe Woods, who coached the DBs for the Raiders in 2014, to coach the Defensive Backs. That should be the end of the coaches search, now the team and we can look forward to free agency, first on which Broncos free agents they want to resign, then who they bring in on free agency. Free agency kicks off in March and the draft which runs from April 30-May 2, in Chicago for the first time after being held in NYC at Madison Square Gardens for decades.
Also, John Lynch spent time with Peyton last week and said he will be totally amazed if Peyton does not return to the Broncos for the 2015 season. So the only thing that could derail that is his physical examination. So Go, Go Broncos and build a great team that can go and sieze the Lombardi!

Coaching Developments.


Today, after yesterday’s Pro Bowl the Broncos made it official that Rick Dennison will serve as OC. They had to wait until the Ravens Coaches were done with that game to verify the hire. And they moved Clancy Barrone from Tight End Coach to Offensive Line Coach. Thirdly, they hired Reggie Herring as Linebacker Coach. He replaces Richard Smith and has most recently coached the Bears LBs. He also has worked as a coach for Gary Kubiack in Houston. Now the sesrch for a new DC should heat up this week. Their first choice is Vance Joseph, but they have to convince the Bengals owner to let Joseph interview for the position. Another candidate is Wade Phillips, who has experience with coaching for the Broncos and for Kubiack for the Texans. Another coach I think they should contact is Dick LaBeou, who resigned from the Steelers after being DC for them for many years. But expect a hire this week of one of these candidates or someone the Bronco will hopefully positively surprise us with. After that they will need to get down to brass tacks in analyzing the current Broncos free agents and who they want to keep and sign and those they will let test the free agent waters this Spring. And start getting their Big Board ready for the Draft at the end of April.So stay tuned for all of this starting this week and the near future. Go, Go Broncos and start the process of another run at the Lombardi!!!

Broncos Defensive Coordinator


While they can’t get Vance Joseph because of the Bengals unfairly barring him to interview for the vacant DC position, they have reached out to Wade Phillips, who was the HC of the Broncos in the ’93 and ’94 seasons and has also been DC for the team.
I thought they might do that and am happy that they did, as the pool of experienced candidates was rapidy shrinking. He is a great Defensive Coach and if they can get him hired the rest of the defensive coaches should be filled out post haste. Then they can concentrate on signing who they want to retain of their own free agents and anyone else they want to secure with extended contracts. I feel really good about the hiring of Gary Kubiack as Head Coach and the offensive side of the coaches and hope I am as happy with all the defensive hirings and retaining coaches. Now we also can look forward to free agency in March and the NFL draft of April 30th-May 2nd in Chicago. It will be the first time that it will be held in the Windy City, and I hope they don’t have growing pains in the new venue. Go, Go Broncos and round out your D coaches and start the analysis of free agency and the Draft Big Board and Broncos Country will be 100% behind you!!!

Gary Kubiack, Welcome back to Denver


The vacuum created by the departure of John Fox was filled when Gary Kubiak signed a four year contract. So now we wait for his hiring of OC and DC. The formal introducing will be Tuesday. Now there is just one HC slot to be filled in Atlanta. Dan Quinn is the frontrunner for that position, so unless he doesnt get it, he will not be available to the Broncos. And we cant even talk to him because of Seattle’s lucky duck win this afternoon. Remember, Karma is a bitch when it comes around Seahawks. Vance Joseph would be a possibility for DC and Kyle Shanahan a possibility for OC, but we just have to see. Maybe that decision could be done by Tuesday and announced then. Anyway, welcome back, Gary and here’s to your leading the Broncos to that new level John Elway and Broncos Ciuntry ache to reach! Go, Go Broncos!!!

New Devolopments in Coach Search.


A lot has changed in 24 hours. First, Adam Gase went through an official interview, so he got the first one. Secondly, Teryl Austin’s interview, scheduled for Friday, was canceled and it hasn’t been rescheduled yet. Thirdly, Gary Kubiack accepted the request for an interview and that is a significant development overnight and will pose some urgency to other potential candidates or may cause cancellations perhaps as Austin’s was. Fourthly, they will interview Vance Joseph, a defensive coach from the Bengals. If Kubiack gets the job, perhaps Joseph would be named DC. Anyway the shift overnight opens up some tantalizing possibilities. Kubiack knows how to fire up a team, but will have to take care of passing that down to the OC and DC too. We need a team that will go down with a fight, kicking and screaming, just like Elway said. We are close to the top of the NFL in talent. Heck , we were the only team to be top 5 on both sides of the ball and ten players in the Pro Bowl, with Emmanuel Sanders selection to take Julio Jones position. So we have that final level to climb to and the pieces to get there may be starting to fall in place. And with the quality and depth of this years free agent crop and the draft, where we have extra draft picks, and if Peyton Manning comes back for at least next season, we can get over that final hump to seize the Lombardi!!! May Elway have the wisdom in reconstrucing the Coaching staff. Broncos Country is behind you all the way and is holding its breath as it unfolds, GO, GO BRONCOS!
Addendum: Just got a notification that the Broncos will also interview Doug Morrone, ex-Bills HC. He will interview on Saturday and Kubiack on Sunday. Kubiack is the consensus frontrunner at this time. No doubt about it, it is starting to getting exciting!

New Devolopments in Coaches.


Jack Del Rio has been signed to a 4yr. deal as HC for the Raiders. The 49ers signed an assistant coach as their HC over Gase, so he talked with Elway today. I do not think he has the experience yet to be hired as a HC and they have interest in Gary Kubiack, Tavyn Austin, DC/Detroit, Dan Quinn DC/Seattle and Rick Dennison, former Bronco LB who I thought might get the post when Fox was hired. So there will be several more interviews before a new HC for our Broncos is named. Only time will tell in this matter, so stay tuned for further developments!
But I think the decision on HC will be made by mid-February as the new coach will need to get familiar with and evaluate current players and get ready for free agency, which kicks off on March 10 and the NFL draft on April 30-May 2, in Chicago. So it will probably occur in the next three to four weeks, and that would include time to interview Quinn, as the Broncos cannot talk to him until Seattle’s season ends, which could be after this weekends NFC championship game if they lose to the Packers or after February 1st’s Super Bowl. So stay tuned as developments may happen sooner than you might think! In Elway we Trust and may he have wisdom in picking a great new HC for our beloved Broncos!

Coach Search.


Well, the Broncos have to hire a new head coach and probably at least OC and DC. The other coaches on staff are still on contract at this point and Elway has given them permission to contact other teams. They will all put out feelers as a new HC may want to bring in his own people.
The Broncos have the most attractive franchise of the six current vacancies, including the one in San Francisco, who is chasing our former OC Adam Gase. The Broncos never got the most out of the great talent we have on the defensive side of the ball. So Dan Quinn, DC/ Seattle, Todd Barnes DC/Arizona and possibly Dick LaBeou DC/Pittsburgh will be considered. They have also asked to talk to Gary Kubiak, current OC/ Baltimore. He spent 20 years with the Broncos, first as a backup QB to John Elway and as an OC, before leaving to become the HC for the Texans.
Dark Horse candidates would have to be Mike Shanahan and Tony Dungey, Shanahan because of his relationship with Elway and Dungey because of his relationship with Peyton. If they look internally, Eric Studsville, RBC would have to be highly considered.
This is an outstanding pool of coaching talent and as it is the most attractive opening, I think we will have a good portion of these candidates highly interested in becoming the next Head Coach to lead the Denver Broncos into the 2015 season and beyond. I am sure that Elway has a plan of action and we will have a great Head Coach hired in time for him to come in and evaluate the current talent well before the free agency and the 2015 draft, where we will pick in the 28th position. We have 11 draft picks, I believe, so they could bundle some and move up in the 1st or 2nd Round to get who they want. Or just keep all 11 and bring in some great talent. They probably would look at the Offensive Line first and foremost. Beyond that, we will find out as time proceeds.
The current players were shocked at the departure of John Fox, many of them experiencing him as their only Head Coach in Pro Football. But it will all work out for the best and Fox will land on his feet in Chicago, where he already has a planned interview or one of the other open positions.
All in all, it will be one of the most interesting offseasons in quite awhile. GO, GO BRONCOS and Rebuild our Coaching Staff to get the most out of the tremendous talent of our Beloved Broncos!!!

Report: Elway Axes Entire Broncos Coaching Staff


Good evening Bronco fans.  From reports coming out, it appears that the Broncos are going into full rebuilding mode.  From what I am hearing, John Fox is gone, Jack Del Rio is gone and Adam Gase is gone.  It has also been reported that the assistants were “given permission to seek employment elsewhere”, which is a nice way of telling them all to hit the bricks.

We have been here before, and speculation is that Peyton Manning must have told John Elway that he is done.

Time will tell.  I don’t know how accurate these reports are, but it looks like a lot is changing in Denver, just one day of falling short to the Colts in the divisional round of the playoffs.

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