Preseason Musings!


The signing of Evan Mathis is huge. He is exactly what we need to solidify that left side of our offensive line. He and Vasquez will give us the best duo of guards in the NFL. And his veteran savvy will help Matt and Ty get up to speed faster, so it takes a big question and makes it much smaller. Matt and Ty have both made great strides between the Seattle and Houston games and now they have a guru that will accelerate their performances. And Mathis is equally adept at pass blocking and in zone blocking for the running game, so will be a great teacher in those areas for the youngins! So I give this an A+ signing. When I saw he was talking with the Seahawks, I thought,”I hope you make a run at him, Elway”. And lo and behold, he sure did.

Now,with the practice with the 49ers yesterday and today, I expect our first string offense to perform much better this week. As you know, the 49ers have had a ton of problems this year and they are not the vaunted 49ers of the last few years. But they still are a solid team and should be a good test for the third week of preseason. And the second half will be the one last time for making an impression for the backup and practice squad. Only 53 regular squad and 10 on the practice field, so by September 1st, many (15) will be gone. I hope the majority of them find new homes in the NFL and a few always do return to fill in slots that are vacated by injuries and other roster moves. Then the Saturday, the Sept. 5th after the last preseason game with the Cardinals, next Thursday, we will have our 2015 initial roster and practice squad after the final cut down from 75 to 63 survivors for this season. Then the following Sunday we kick off the season with one of our recent seasons arch-enemy teams, the Baltimore Ravens, at 2:35 MST on Sunday September 13th. So a long off season and preseason is almost over and the regular season is just about two and a half weeks away and I am pumped about this season. Our defense is performing fantastic and our offense still needs to shake some rust off, but I think will be ready to perform great with two more weeks to get zone blocking mastered. And with Mathis’s addition, that should help Ty and Matt to get it done. And Mathis will not play this week and Emmanuel Sanders will probably sit one more week. But I expect both back by the Cards game and Danny Trevathon may play this week or next too. So by seasons start, if we dont have anyone go down this week or next, we should be in pretty good shape to start the season. But if it takes a little time to get the offense in high gear, we have finally got a defense that can help win games. And one more thing, the Broncos made room for Mathis by releasing Connor Barth, who promptly signed a two year deal with the Buccaneers. So McManus won that duel and will placekick and kickoff and whoever wins the punting duel will be our second kicker, which the team wanted, as it will open up a roster spot in one of the other player areas. There are a lot of talented undrafted players and I think more than one will make it this year and continue our reputation as an organization that is great at scouting and giving the UDFA’s a shot to make the team! Good luck to all the players on the bubble, go out and play your heart out and get some good tape to help find you a job with another NFL team if you are not fortunate enough to make the Broncos this year. I don’t think I have seen this much talent in the 90 group before. So the Broncos will be one of the deepest teams, if not the deepest team in the NFL. And that is such a great asset to have as injuries do not hurt the team as badly.

I have no doubt that the Broncos will make a run at the SuperBowl, so work hard and smart and take Broncos Country on another magical carpet ride in the 2015 NFL season. Go, Go Broncos!!!

End of Camp, Second game in Houston and an elite defense in the making!.


Well, time flies and Broncos Camp has reached its end. They will have the 49ers in for two intrasquad practices next week before their game on Saturday, the 29th. Last time for players on the bubble to impress is in the game with the Texans, the two practices with San Fran and the game with them, because the first cut to 75 will take place September 1st. Then a few more practices and the final cut that next week. So within about three weeks we will have our 2015 Bronco team entering the season decided. And then that next weekend the game with Baltimore kicks off. So after a long off season and draft, OTA’s and Camp we are now close to rooting them on in the regular season. I am excited by the potential of this team on both sides of the ball. The Special Teams need to improve their execution, but I think it will settle down into a strong group too.

The game tomorrow will pit our strong offense led by Peyton Manning for a quarter or more against a decent defense led by J.J. Watts. But our defense tees off against a weak offense. Their #1 RB is gone for at least half a season and their QB situation is one of the weakest, along with Buffalo, Cleveland and Jacksonville. And our defense is already turning into an elite outfit and will be extremely fun to watch this season! I expect another dominating performance from them tomorrow. Sacks, takeaways galore! I think two touchdowns and another strong showing by our duo of placekickers for 5 field goals. We allow no TDs and only 3 FGs for a 29-9 victory (Yes, two 2 pt. Conversions after the TDs, they need game experience at that) And this new scoring system after TDs is going to take a lot of getting used to as it throws a lots of ifs, ands or buts to the equation on safe leads and some teams will be much better at 2 pointers, which will seperate the teams a little better. Anyway, I think we will see a lot of great Bronco Football this season and give Bronco Country an awful lot to cheer about!

And the only starting positions really up for grabs is in the punting, placekicking and kickoffs. Britton Colquitt is getting outkicked by the Tampa Bay kicker we claimed and he is also good at kickoffs. Hang time on those will be a main deciding factor on kickoffs. Our two placekickers are in a dead heat, but kickoff ability may have the deciding factor there. If so we may be able to have a two kicker special team unit, which will open another roster slot elsewhere on the team, which is highly desirable. So keep an eye on that. Also, since Emanuel Sanders is not going this game, the play of the slot recievers especialky while Peyton is in. We have great deep talent in that unit and the pits of it is we will probably play against some of them this season and beyond. But we will have a deep talented WR group this season with 2-3 new members,depends on if Andre Caldwell makes the cut or not. Maybe they could package one of the rookies with Caldwell in a trade offer and bring in another good player or two. So pay close attention to that group too. And finally, see how well our three new starters on the Center and Leftside of our OL play. Only experience will build the cohesive of that line. And they will face a great defensive player in Watts. So have fun disecting all of that tomorrow night. I think this team has the makings of a very special year in Bronco History. A stong, aggressive Orange Crush like defense paired with a potent offense led by Peyton Manning. Remind you of anything? Our organization run by one Hall of Fame QB and our team led by future sure Hall of Famers, Manning, Miller and Ware has an opportunity to treat all of us in Bronco Country to a year we will never forget , now how SPECIAL is that?

Broncos Place Veteran NT Marvin Austin Jr. on IR


The Broncos placed Marvin Austin Jr. on injured reserve Thursday after the fifth-year nose tackle missed all of training camp with a groin injury, the Associated Press reports.

The Broncos were awarded tight end Jake Murphy off waivers from Cincinnati.

Austin played a career-high 15 games for Denver last season, contributing to a D-line that allowed just 79.8 rushing yards per game.

Bud Light Kicks Off NFL Season With New Broncos Cans

Denver Broncos Bud Light Can

Just in time for NFL Kick-Off, Bud Light – the Official Beer of the NFL – is bringing a new Broncos Bud Light can to Denver. The new packaging features Broncos colors, as well as a slogan every Broncos fan can relate to: The perfect beer for greeting strangers with the Mile High Salute.

Bud Light worked closely with its NFL team partners to create new can designs for the 28 teams that it is partners with for the 2015-2016 season. Each design features a customized scroll message that speaks directly to each team’s passionate fan base. The cans are on shelves now.

What do you think of the new Bud Light Broncos can?

Seattle game aftermath.


Well, the Broncos went up to Seattle and generally played well. There were three areas worth mentioning. They are Osweiler’s worthy performance, Hillman running with speed and authority, and the defense playing like shades of Orange Crush.

Osweiler looked pretty good and comfortable for a great change and may cement his heir aparrent position if he keeps up that kind of performance through the balance of his reps in the preseason games. And it would make me and a lot of you more comfortable with him coming in if, God forbid, Peyton gets injured. So kudos to him. And the play of our new linemen was very good overall for going into a loud, hostile environment and playing a very good team. If they continue to improve over the preseason, I think more than adequate to protect Peyton and establish our running game. The only bad thing is our depth at those positions past the first seven or eight linemen. We probably will only keep eight or nine,so we need at least one to step up and shine. Hillman ran very well, but got the benefit of better blocking, whereas Montee Ball didn’t. So we can’t really gauge who might be the the #2 back yet. Hopefully it’ll be more apparent as the other three preseason games ensue. But they also stepped up and picked up blitzes very well too.

The defense really impressed me with their fabulous play, especially in that first half, though the subs also played very well throghout the second half. In fact, the defense has astounding depth and except for that one aspect of the OL, the offense does too. They held the Seahawks to a paltry 29 yards of offense in 19 plays during that first half and that is shutdown defense. We sacked them 7 times, four in that first half and forced three turnovers. If they continue to play like that, they will definitely go a long way in helping win games. Von was relentless, but two others need to be mentioned as having an exceptional game. They are Kenny Anunike and Shaq Barret. I would be very surprised if they both wouldn’t make the team this season. They are both original UDFA’s, Kenny this year and Shaq, who played on the practice squad last year. And if for some reason they don’t make it, it only shows the great depth we have in our defense this season. So a great first game by a lot of young players, including some rookie offensive linemen in their first trial by fire. Solid B++! Now back to camp to prepare for the next game at Houston next Saturday. Keep working hard and improving and we will have a great chance at being an elite team in the AFC and across the league. Go, Go Broncos and lead us on a magical carpet ride of a season ending in Phoenix!!!

Camp Musings.


The Broncos practiced today without pads after three days with pads. And things are looking good with the O-Line. Matthew Paradis and Max Garcia got reps with the first team offense for the 2nd day in a row. And they played really well. It’ll be very interesting to see who will start, but Ryan Harris says you can’t even tell the are rookies now.
Other developments are Soloman Patton taking reps with the 1st team, with Emmanuel Sanders sitting out with a very minor hamstring injury. He is primarily a return specialist, but using his speed to get open as a WR and got open for two long receptions back to back in today’s practice. And Joe Don Blake is consistently showing he can catch balls as a tight end and uses his hieght, quickness and athleticism to get open. And block as a Fullback. And can do wheelouts and flat pases when he is in formation as a fullback. Because of that utility,he could be on the roster as A Fullback but also allow the Broncos to keep 4 TE’s, which will probably be Owen Daniels, Vernon Green, John Casey and Dominique Jones, who has excellent hands as A TE. In two TE formation they will most often use Green and Casey for blocking and Daniels and Jones for passing out of that formation.
And Brandon Marshall and Danny Trevathon are both back at limited practice. And Demaryius Thomas is working on conditioning due to his sitting out all spring practices.
And Connor Barth is improving his kickoffs and Britton Collquit is puntng better than he did last year, so if they keep doing well, it would open a roster spot, probably on defense where injuries have been more prevalent the last few seasons.

Also, they used the shotgun and pistol formations for the first time today. And with zone blocking they can as easily run or pass out of those formations.

It is only a week from today that they travel to Seattle for their first game a week from tomorrow. So next weeks practices will be critical for everyone, but especially for the O-Line. Will it be Sambroilo, Garland, Grandkowski, Vazquez and Harris or Sambroilo, Garcia, Paradis and Clark or Schofield, or another combination. It is anyone’s guess right now, but all of them have flashed at times. So the Coaching staff will probably use that Seahawk game to sort it all out. But it will involve several young players any way you cut it, and that is a refreshing change from Foxes tenure. And it is like several top NFL teams do, draft and coach them up from the Gitgo. Like Elway said, they are planning on winning now and in the future and getting young players experience on both sides of the ball will bode well for ensuing seasons.
Someone who is surprising me is Ronnie Hillman. He looks rejuvinated and is running with more authority than he ever has as a Bronco. Jeremy Stewart and Kapri Bibbs are vying for the 4th runner position. Bibbs is better at blocking, but Stewart has a slight edge as a reciever, so that will be another battle to watch over the rest of the preseason. All in all, I like this team and coaching staff better than last season’s team at this time. And it won’t be a team that totally relies on its’ offense to win games, because our defense, if it plays up to their potential can certInly be one that helps to win games.

So, Go, Go Broncos and work hard and get ready for the Seahawks and beyond and deliver a season for the ages for Broncos Country!!!



The Broncos finally got to wear pads in practice today. The offense and defense both had some good play, but both have room for improvement. But as first pad practices, it was a pretty good performance. Some who shone out are:
Max Garcia, who is a rookie draft choice who is vying for a starting position as LG or C. He really did a great job today and was singled out for it by Kubiack and Von Miller. Loius Vasquez is taking him under his wing and thinks his potential is sky-high. He was a four year starter for Florida and played under new OC’s each year, so he is a quick adaptor and seems to be taking to zone blocking like a duck to water. I would not be surprised if he does start and it is very possible if he keeps on playing like he did today. So we may have two rookies on that right side. Ty Sambroilo and Michael Schofield could start at RT this year.
Solomon Patton, who is vying for the kick returner spot showed up well in today’s practice and leads that group now. Long way to go to the season, but he flashed very well and again if he keeps showing potential and keeps a handle on the ballsecurity, he is one to watch.
Jordon Taylor: Rookie WR from Rice, he has great hands and runs great routes, and if he keeps catching the ball like he has so far, could slip into the fourth reciever spot and with other talent showing well, Andre Caldwell could be a roster casualty.
Sylverster Williams, who is taking over at Nose Tackle has gotten high praise for his work so far and could go far in making us not regret losing Pot Roast. With the edge pressure we have, and the extra blocking it might take to corral Ware, Miller and Ray when he’s in, he will likely face a lot of single blocker situations, and has adopted a lot of Von and DeMarcus’s best moves to beat blockers, so I would not be surprised to see 7-8 sacks or more out of him. And he has the lower body strength to stand ground against the run, which is critical for that position.

All in All it was a great first practice with pads. And noone was hurt. In other news, Kyle Williams, who also was vying for that kick returner spot, evidently showed some promise because the Broncos did not release him, but instead put him on IR with his patrial tear of his Achilles tendon. And Britton Colquit, in a tight battle with Karl Shmitz accepted a $1.5 million cut in his salary this season. Smart move for him, but he still needs to beat out Shmitz and our kicker needs to improve his kickoffs for him to keep that spot, as Kubiack only wants two kicking specialists. Right now, Shmitz is nose to nose with Britton and is leading against Barthe. So a lot of work from him needs to be made from him to keep his punter spot. And Osweiler ran the first team offense while Peyton rested. It was up and down for him, but he started ragged and later picked it up and looked a lot better. So consistently play is what he needs to work on for sure if this is indeed Peyton’s last season, which I am not entirely sure on and Peyton is too. But he still is the heir attendent to the QB position when Peyton does retire. And if he shows well in camp and preseason, he will probably see more time in season games when the result is pretty much secured. And he needs to work on leadership qualities in the huddle and on the field in general. But compared to last year at this time, he is improved. So again time will tell on that.

Long way to go for camp and preseason, but September 13th will be here before we know it and and the game with the Ravens will kickoff the season. Overall, I like this team a little better than last years. It will be a team with a solid high powered offense with more balance of run and pass, and a defense that should be top 3 and ball-hawkers, so they have an excellent chance to get a good ratio on the turnover, takeaway scenario. A ton of potential on both sides of the ball and if the O-Line gels early or at least by the seventh week break, they could be a vital challenger to get to the SuperBowl and win it against the likes of Green Bay and Seattle. We play Seattle again in pre-season and have a regular season game with Green Bay in Week 8 after our break week, so we will get a good measuring stick of how they compete against high quality NFC teams.

Regardless, GO,GO Broncos and work hard and smart and give another great season to Broncos Country!!!

Broncos to Sit QB Peyton Manning During Parts of Training Camp

Denver Broncos  camp at Dove Valley

For Broncos fans that may be looking to head to training camp to see Peyton Manning should try to get an update before hand, as the team is going to be sitting the veteran QB during a number of days of training camp.

The Denver Broncos will spend August with January in mind, at least when it comes to quarterback Peyton Manning.

This training camp will be markedly different for Manning, in that every three or four days he will be sent to the sidelines. The Broncos are hoping the added rest will help keep Manning fresh, while also giving much-needed practice time to backup Brock Osweiler, who despite having been on the roster for three years, has rarely spent full practices running the first-team offense.

Manning received an introduction to taking time off during offseason workouts, but skipping snaps in August is unheard of for the workaholic quarterback. But Manning’s boss, general manager John Elway, said the rest will be crucial to the quarterback’s success late in the season.

“The key thing with Peyton, and I think Peyton is on board with it, is that even though you can’t feel it now, and if you’re doing too much work now, eventually that’s going to catch up to you,” Elway said Thursday as players reported to training camp. “At 37, 38, 39 years old, where he is, you can’t make that up at the end. It’s going to be important that he’s a part of that management process and going to be able to take some time off to where he is just as good late as he is early, and we don’t wear him down.”

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