Were the Broncos Looking to Move QB Peyton Manning to Houston This Offseason?


Call it a crazy rumor or a matter of ‘what if,’ but there’s a story going around that the Broncos were in the market to try and trade future Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning to the Houston Texans this offseason.

The story, presented in full on Pro Football Talk, come originally from Benjamin Allbright of 94.1 FM in Denver. He claims that the Broncos tried to trade Manning to the Texans this offseason.

He cites “two unrelated official sources” for the report, adding that “certain elements” of the Broncos organization wanted the Brock Osweiler era to start in 2015.

PFT also talks about the fact that the recent no-trade clause that was put in Manning’s deal, a clause that would have never allowed that to happen.

My first reaction was to scoff, but then I remembered this item from PFT regarding the presence of a no-trade clause for 2015 in Manning’s revised contract. Manning didn’t need to ask for a no-trade clause unless he feared that his restructured contract, with a base salary of only $15 million, would make another team more likely to do the deal.

We plan to promptly seek comment from both teams. For now, though, the notion that the Broncos explored the option of moving on from Manning — especially with a new head coach and new offensive coordinator — seems plausible.

Lull Time Musings


The last of the OTAs is on the books and now about four and a half weeks to Camp. Hopefully noone gets in trouble during this period. Just chill Broncos. They liked the upbeat pace and structure of Kubiack’s practices. Big positive change from Fox, that is for sure. And we now know the offensive line lineup entering Camp. Ty Sambrailo has settled in at LT and has been working against DeMarcus Ware and has held his own doing it , which is good news. Michael Schofield will probably back him up as a swing tackle. Next to him, at LG, Ben Garland is ahead of veteran Shelley Smith and he and Ty are getting better at tandem blocking in the Zone Blocking schemes. Gino Gradkowski is penciled in at Center, but he is being heavily pressed by Matt Paradis for that position. The only set position is at RG where Louis Vasquez is the Elder Statesman, and relishing his responsibilty to lead the group this season, with Max Garcia backing him up. And Chris Clark is leading the pack at RT, with Ryan Harris and Michael Schofield pushing him. So we know how it will start in camp. With all that competion in four positions whoever does win will definitely earn it and by the time the season starts they should be working well together or answering to Mr. Vasquez to get it together , gentlemen! I am much less concerned by what looked to be a big concern. But they are all relatively young and should be playing together for many seasons. And the Zone Blocking scheme is easier for them to pick up so they can practice more time on protecting Peyton. I think they will be solid approaching good this season.

And we could see some turnnover in our wide recieving Corps. Andre Caldwell is probably history with Nathan Palmer taking his position and possibly returning kicks too. And I agree with Julio Jones, the all star reciever with Atlanta, that holding out, like Demaryius and Dez are doing is selfish. Sure, they want a fair deal, but holding out is not the way to do it. Demaryius has been a team leader and needs his behind in Camp, not holding out. Kick his agent in the butt and get it done. No way do we want him to become a free agent. And Elway, be fair, but dont give away the shop. We know you are a Master at that, so kick yourself in the butt or Russel to do it for you!

On Defensive line, it looks like Sly Williams has the edge to start at Nose Tackle. He started OTAs a little uneven, but surged towards the end to earn the confidence of Coach Phillips. But we also have good depth at that position with Marvin Austin and Derek Walker. And Shane Ray will play opposite of Von at times and all three will play at times. Should be very fun to watch this season. At LB, both Brandon Marshall and Danny Trevathon are easing back in from off- season surgery, but Marshall has started running and Trevathon shouldnt be too far behind him in that aspect. They both are expected back for Camp. Todd Davis has caught the attention of Coach Phillips with his play this spring and early summer at that position so he can step in if either can’t go early in the season. And others, like Lammin Barrow and Corey Nelson have seen increased reps. So good depth is being developed. One other who has looked good is Shaquil Barrett, the former CSU Ram who barely missed making the team last season and ended up on the Practice team. And Darren Stewart has fitted right in at Free Safety without missing a beat. So I think the defense can be a top 3 defense this year and improve on their middle of the pack scoring defense with more of an attacking defense under Coach Phillips. And more forced turnovers with more defensive scores. When they are on defense this year, we will be holding our bladders until commercials more often lest we miss something really good they do.

And we might have a new phenom punting and kicking this season and free up a roster spot and also a pretty good chunk of cap space to boot. (Pun intended)

It is hard to predict this early, but I think it will go down like this. Peyton won’t pass as much but will be more lethal this season. We will see 1600+ team rushing yards with C.J. Anderson joining the 1000+ club. Will average over 27 points per game and allow less than 16 points per game. This will definitely win a bunch of games and I predict another AFC West championship, a bye, at least the AFC Championship, and possibly a Superbowl championship. I predict a 14-2 regular season and a Super Bowl match with the Green Bay Packers. May or may not happen, but for Broncos Country it is another good Broncos Team to watch and support this season. Work hard and well and bring us a championship or two!!!

Mini Camp musings.


The Broncos have finished their first day of the Mini Camp. It was a very upbeat practice and everyone looked pretty good.
Kubiack was very satisfied with their condition and and the quality of the practice. Of course, the offensive line and the defensive line, backup LBs and the pecking upper of the running backs are the big things to watch for.
One player that has an excellent chance to make the roster is Soloman Patton, who has 4.28 60 yd. speed and wass impressive as a reciever and will be an great punt and kickoff returner on special teams.
And Peyton is in great condition, maybe the best in his return after the neck surgery he had the year before he became a Bronco, according to his former offensive coordinator at the University of Tennessee, David Cutcliffe who runs the camp Peyton and recievers go to each spring and is now head coach at Duke. I noticed his conditon too and it is very impressive for a young QB, let alone Peyton at 39 years old. He works as hard as any other NFL player and he knew he had to be stronger this season and he achieved it. So Peyton haters and doubters will probably eat their words after this season. And of course, the meshing of Kubiack’s offense and the offense Peyton is used to running is a question at this time, but I am sure the hybrib offense may be even be more efficient than what we have seen thus far as the zone blocking and the upgraded running game will help keep the defenses honest and guessing as they can run out of any formation they put on the field.
Now as to the offensive line we will probably see a mixing of veterans and rookies, but Bill Kohler is keeping them working hard and at alternate positions so Louis Vasquez at right guard is the only solid occupied position. They have a lot of time to gel before the season starts.
And as to Shane Ray, he has been running and says any discomfort is gone and is only waiting for the training staff to ok his return to the field. And when he is on the same field with DeMarcus and Von will be fabulous to watch this season and the Broncos will probably be the best rushing team in the NFL , and the whole defense has a very good chance to be a top 3 defense this season!
Now to the running back pecking order, C.J. Anderson has the inside track to be the starter, but Montee Ball will push for touches, with Ronnie Hillman the change of pace player and Jeremy Stewart is the best reciever of the four and will see some action too. Kapri Bibbs will push to make the team and if he does make the team, Hillman may be a casualty of the 53 man roster.
Keep working hard Broncos and it will be a very exciting season for all of Broncos Country!!!

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Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen’s Son Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges

It’s been a tough day for the Broncos and owner Pat Bowlen, as his son John was held in the Arapahoe County Jail overnight after an arrest Wednesday on domestic violence charges.

John Bowlen was arrested around 10:15 p.m. Wednesday after police responded to a dropped 911 call, and the events of the case don’t seem to be in his favor.

“When [Bowlen] pushed [the caller] against the wall, she dropped the cellphone, at which point he picked it up and hung up the connection with 911,” Glendale police said in a statement.

Bowlen was held overnight in lieu of bail and had a court appearance Thursday afternoon. Courthouse records show he was held on two Class 3 misdemeanor counts: third-degree assault and harassment.

He was granted a pretrial release in court Thursday. Bond was set at $1,000, and his next court date is July 6.

Bowlen was placed on an “indefinite leave of absence” from the team Thursday afternoon.

“We are disappointed to learn of the matter involving John Bowlen, who is a son of Owner Pat Bowlen and an administrative employee with the organization. While this is a personal issue, he is accountable to all club and league conduct policies,” the Broncos said in a statement. “As such, John will be placed on an indefinite leave of absence from the organization.”

Offensive Line in Flux.


With Ryan Clady put on IR with his ACL injury, the Broncos could go all veteran if they want to. Following is that Lineup and who might get the job:

LT Chris Clark (Ty Sambrailo)
LG Shelley Smith (Ben Garland)
OC Gino Gradcowski (Max Garcia)
RG Louis Vasquez
RT Ryan Harris (Ty Sambrailo,
Michel Schofiel)
Or they could go with the young ones as they seem to responive to and it could go like this:
LT Ty Sambrailo
LG Ben Garland
OC Max Garcia or Matt Paradis
RG Louis Vasquez
RT Michael Schofield
With competion, any of the players could win the jobs. So it’ll be very interesting for the rest of the OTAs and the mandantory Camp and the regular Camp to see how it shakes out. And it probably will be a blend of veterans and young players. But the lineup should be battletested by the start of the 2015 Season! GO,GO Broncos and work hard and lead Broncos Country to a fabulous Season!!!

Clady down with ACL, Broncos Ajustustment


Ryan Clady went down with an ACL injury in practice today. And they decided to immediately put Ty Samboino in at Left Tackle. They also quickly signed Ryan Harris from Texans to bolster that position. Had to happen to our best O Lineman, but we have two good solid candidates to fill in for him. So it looks like 4 new OL in 2015. At least it was early in the year, so they have a lot of time to work out any kinks before September. And Clady actually did never go down and played three more plays before taking himself out, so possibly it is one of the easier ACL injuries that may not take as long to recover from. I know they exist,but don’t know a whole lot about them, so we will have to wait for Greek’s pronouncement. Another next man up situation, so Go, Go Broncos and rise up, Samboino and Harris and plug that hole very well!!!

Broncos OLB Shane Ray Out with Toe Injury

Denver Broncos rookie camp at Dove Valley

Outside linebacker Shane Ray, the Broncos’ first round draft choice, sat out the team’s first organized team activity session Wednesday at Dove Valley, Tom Kensler of the Denver Post reports.

But Broncos coach Gary Kubiak does not believe Ray will be sidelined much longer. Ray, 6-foot-3 and 245 pounds, is recovering from a turf toe injury suffered at the end of his final college season at Missouri.

“He’s close,” Kubiak said. “I think next week you’ll see him do some individual (work) and those types of things. We fitted him with some orthotics. He’s feeling good. He’s done some work. He’s done a lot of treatment.”

Ray said he feels like he could get back on the field by the end of this week. “But it’s a process and it’s not something we want to rush. We want to make sure that when I do come back, I can be me.”

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